Liga Nacional Defensora de la Libertad

These are included in the major catalogues and so repeated here. However, they are receipts for contributions to a Catholic movement for supposed moral and political reform and, as such, apart from a certain similarity to notes or vales, have as little right to appear here as a modern till receipt.


Liga 10c

Liga 10c reverse

 A regional issue from Nuevo León.

 This refers to itself as a billete (but this merely means ticket) and states that it is not valid unless signed by the Jefe de la Sección de Hacienda de la Oficina Central and by the Tesorero de la Comisión de Control. Once one had accumulated enough billetes they coulf be exchanged for certificados nominales of $100, $500. $1,000 and $5,000.

The photograph is of Luis Navarro Origel who was considered the first Cristero to take up arms, on 29 September 1926, taking the city of Pénjamo, Guanajuato, where he was mayor (alcalde), wiping out the local defense force and seizing arms. He died in combat on 9 August 1928.