Ayuntamiento de 1915

 Guerrero ayuntamientos

There was a multiplicity of issues made by local councils in 1915 to address the severe lack of small change. Some of these have features in common (ivy border, cursive script, entitled TRANSITORIO, etc.) that might suggest a shared printer but there is a limit to the number of ways that one can design a simple note. Most do not have a serial number, so it would be interesting to know how they were authorised and put into circulation and what controls were kept. They could have been sold to businesses or individuals and so fully back by hard(ish) cash, or used to pay employees and buy supplies, so without any substantive backing.

Again, it is not known if they were officially withdrawn or just fell into disuse, though the former is more likely.

Obviously more information from local sources is desperately needed. There will have been plentiful correspondence about these issues but, if it still survives, it needs to be tracked down.


2c and 20c notes are known[images needed].


Xxcateopan 10c

Three values (2c, 10c and 50c) are known.


One series had larger type.

Teloloapan 5c

Teloloapan 10c

Teloloapan 20c

Teloloapan 25c

Teloloapan 50c

Teloloapan 50c blue

Teloloapan 50c blue reverse

These are known in six values (2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 25c and 50c) on different coloured paper, some on reused flyers for Doctor Herrera.

20c     20 Cs  
    Cs 20 Cs  
50c     50 Cs  


Another series had smaller lettering. Some of these were numbered.

Teloloapan 2c 1

Teloloapan 5c 1

Teloloapan 10c 1

Teloloapan 10c 1 reverse

Teloloapan 10c 2

Teloloapan 10c 3

Teloloapan 20c 1

Teloloapan 20c 1 reverse

Teloloapan 20c 3

  from to Total
2c         Teloloapan cursive letters  
5c         Teloloapan cursive letters include numbers 03014CNBanxico #11145 to 06711
10c         Teloloapan cursive letters: small 10 includes numbers 15165 to 16966CNBanxico #4341 
        Teloloapan cursive letters: large 10 includes numbers 05616CNBanxico #4340 to 17369CNBanxico #4343 
        Teloloapan block letters  
20c         Teloloapan cursive letters includes numbers 13644CNBanxico #4351 to 24499CNBanxico #4355
        Teloloapan block letters