Commercial issues from Zamora

Michoacan commercial zamoraComercio de Zamora


and a SERIE B with large numerals printed over the text.

Tamayo & García

Another issue was made by Tamayo & García. These were also printed by the Tipografia Comercial of M. Anaya.

Compañía de Luz y Fuerza Eléctrica de Zamora

Zamora Luz 10c

Zamora Luz 10cA 10c note signed by the mamager (gerente). On the reverse is an overprint "SERVICIO DE CAMBIO / MOLINOS DE NIXTAMAL".

Colección Numismática Banxico #5282

"La Cruz Verde"

Zamora Luz 10c

Cruz Verde 5c reverseA 5c note, dated 26 September 1915, with the stamp of Luis G. Lozano.

Colección Numismática Banxico #5356

El Comercio de Zamora

A series of cartones (10c, 20c, 25c, 50c) in infalsificables, dated 1 July 1916. with [  ]mendez as Tesorero