Commercial concerns (central Michoacán)

Michoacan commercial centralUruapan

In the beginning it seems that various businesses issued cartones of similar design and for voluntary acceptance.

Los Dos Mundos

Dos Mundos 20c

Dos Mundos 20c reverse

El Negro

El Negro 10c

El Negro 20c

This grocery store was run by Jesús D. Cendejas.

Meson Reforma

Reforma 10coperated by Ignacio Rodríguez

La Victoria

La Victoria 1c

La Victoria 1c reverse

La Victoria 10c

La Victoria 20c

Hotel San Francisco

Hotel San Francisco 20c

Hotel San Francisco 20c reverse

"La Primervera"

La Primavera 20c

"La Ciudadela"

La Ciudadela 5c

Bejarano y Alvarez

Bejarano 50c

Bejarano 50c reverse

Comerciantes de Uruapán

By August 1915 businesses had agreed a commmon plan and issued a series of notes guaranteed by a deposit of legal tender and therefore acknowledged as of forced circulation within the city. The higher value notes had the printed names of Francisco Armella as Depositario, Othon Fernández as Pagador and Rafael Cano as Presidente Municipal (and Interventor overseeing the project).

Francisco Armella  
Othon Fernández  
Rafael Cano  


Comerciantes 10c

Comerciantes 20c

Comerciantes 50c

Comerciantes 50c reverse

Comerciantes 1

Comerciantes 1 reverse

  series from to total
10c   unnumbered      
20c   unnumbered      
50c A         includes numbers 6803CNBanxico #5258 to 16198
$1 B         includes numbers 7053CNBanxico #5259 to 9521


In June 1916 at least two companies, Fernández y Cía. and Hurtado y Cía. (which operated the "San Pedro" clothing factory), were paying their workers with vales that could be accepted by local businesses and would be redeemed weekly in quantities not less than ten pesos for infalsificable money. The Fernández notes asks the businesses not to reuse the notes as change, and both set a timelimit of September 1916, by when, presumably, they expected the shortage of currency to be resolved. 

Fernández y Cia.

Fernandez y Cia 50c

  from to total
50c         includes number 2689CNBanxico #11604

Hurtado y Cia

San Pedro 50c

San Pedro 50c reverse

La Camelia

La Camelia 50c

La Camelia 50c reverseThis cigar factory issued a similar 50c note, dated 7 July 1916.


La Bahia de Veracruz

Bahia de Veracruz 10c

Bahia de Veracruz 10c reverse

This grocery, run by Alfredo Martínez P., issued notes in May 1915.

La Casa Buitron

Buitron 10c

Buitron 50c reverse

10c and 20c notes, of the Casa Buitron of José Buitron. Buitron had a printing shop, tipografia J. Buitron, that as well as these notes also printed the notes for the Hacienda de Tepenahua y Anexas.


La Confianza

La Confianza 1cCayetano Gutiérrez

Taximaroa/Villa Hidalgo

Taximaroa (then Villa Hidalgo and now Ciudad Hidalgo)

Victor Barajas

Barajas 1c

  from to total
1c         includes numbers 1075CNBanxico #11584 to 7128CNBanxico #5232

Lamberto Barajas

Barajas 20c

  from to total
20c         includes number 1747CNBanxico #11585

E. Alanis Sucesores & Cía.

Alanis 10c

Alanis 10c reverse

  from to total
10c         includes numbers 1966CNBanxico #11586 to 6297

Maximo Martínez

Martinez 2c 1

Martinez 2c 1 reverse

Martinez 2c 2

Martinez 2c 2 reverse

  from to total
2c         number horizontal
includes numbers 3051 to 5164CNBanxico #11587
        number vertical
includes number 4074


Eligio Daza

Daza 10c

Daza 20c

Enrique Chávez Barragán

Barragan 50cParácuaro

"El Cambio Mercantil"

Cambio Mercantil 10cFortino V. Ramirez

"La Guadalupe" Molino de Arroz

La Guadalupe 50c



Tacambaro 3c

Tacambaro 3c reverse