La Tesoreria de la Junta Comercial de Chalchicomula

Puebla ChalchicomulaChalchicomula (now Ciudad Serdán) is a city in the east of the state, just off the route from Puebla to Veracruz.

On 13 June 1916 the Junta Comercial, with the approval of  the Jefatura de Armas and Ayuntamiento, issued a series of notes to supplement Carranza’s infalsificables. The higher value notes carry the printed signatures of Raymundo Abasolo, as Presidente, José María de la Torre as Tesorero and Ricardo R. Sarmiento as Secretario, whilst the two lower values only had space for de la Torre’s facsimile.

Some $1 notes are known overprinted ‘Solo Vale CINCUENTA CENTAVOS Papel Infalsificable’.

  from to total
10c         includes numbers 003447 to 095818CNBanxico #5923 
20c         includes numbers 13129CNBanxico #5924 to 73198
50c         includes numbers 22185 to 40798CNBanxico #5919
$1         includes numbers 10501CNBanxico #5920 to 41069CNBanxico #11909