Luís Herrera

In late 1915 the Constitutionalist Luís Herrera, General Jefe of the Brigada ‘Benito Juárez’, was isolated from other Carrancista forces and needed to improvise paper currency to pay his troops until he met up with the forces under J. B. Treviño. Since he had captured a batch of $80,000 of Riveros’ notes, he reused themAGN, Fondo Gobernación Periodo Revolucionario, caja 6, exp. 19, folletos 5 and on 29 November, in Parral, southern Chihuahua, included them in a list of issues that were legal tender, provided that they had been revalidated with the Brigade seal and the signature of either himself or Coronel R. Dominguez, his chief of staff (Jefe de Estado Mayor)AMPar, Gobierno, Jefatura Política y Presidencia Municipal, Correspondencia, caja 71, exp 2.

By April 1916 merchants in Parral were asking for these notes to be exchanged. A report was sent to the Secretaría de Hacienda, who replied to the governor of Chihuahua, C. Enríquez, that the notes of all the issues authorized by Carranza had to be handed in to the Jefaturas de Haciendas and Administraciones Principales de Timbre.

Known numbers are:

  Series Lowest
50c A 15713 17083 resello
$1 A 1839 1973 handwritten
2561 10949 typewritten
$5 A 4142   typewritten
$10 A 1664 7657 typewritten
B 12199   handwritten
12130 17121 typewritten
C 20077 20353 typewritten
21979   handwritten


A 50c note is known with a this División del Norte and a resello of the Brigada Benito Juárez but no message or signature.

Herrera 50c