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Counterfeit $1 Estado de Sonora note Type 4

The circular of 20 October 1914 lists the following indications for $1 notes.

accent of ‘a’ of ‘Pagará’ is slanted to the left accent slanted to the right
blue of numbering and seal tends towards black (tira a negro) blue is very light
‘El Gobernador’ followed by a comma 'El Gobernador’ followed by a full stop
  typeface of letters and numbers coarser
lines in the shaded area of ‘El Estado de Sonora’ are very thin, separate and the impression is entirely legible lines are very thick, with some joined to form dark smudges
print totally uniform and clear print very imperfect and smudged


Though counterfeits Type 1 through to 3 have a full stop rather than a comma after 'El Gobernador' and coarse shading to 'El Estado de Sonora' the other characteristics suggest that this is yet another Type.