Other banks with branches in Sonora

Three other Mexican banks of issue, besides the Banco de Sonora, had agencies and branches in Sonora. One of these was the national Banco Nacional de México and the other two were from neighbouring states. All of them issued some notes with local overprints.

El Banco Nacional de México


In Hermosillo both Rafael Ruíz and F. Loaiza y Cia were agents for the Banco Nacional de MéxicoRafael Ruíz’s ‘La Fama’ lost its agency for the Banco Nacional when his son, Rafael, supported Dionisio González against Corral in the 1901 elections. Ruíz pleaded to Corral that he was unable to control his son, but in vain..

The bank established a branch in Hermosillo in 1888The consultor was Filomeno Loaiza, manager Enrique de la Peña and cajero-contador Emilio Clausen. By November 1905 the branch was managed by J. NaranjoEl Centinela, 18 November 1905. It issued the following notes overprinted with 'Hermosillo'.

Value Series Date from to
$5   1-10-1906    
$10   1-4-1902    
$20   1-10-1906    


The bank established a branch in Guaymas in 1895The consultor was Guatimoc A. Iberri, manager Joaquín Naranjo, cajero Mariano Somoza and contador Francisco I. Ramírez. Yet F. A. Aguilar Sucesores of calle del Muelle could advertise themselves as agents for the Banco Nacional in 1898 (El Correo de Sonora, 9 February 1898). The bank issued the following notes overprinted with 'Guaymas'.

Value Series Date from to
$10   1-12-1902    
$20   1-12-1902    
$50   1-12-1902    


In Alamos T. Robinson Bours y Hermanos were agents for the Banco Nacional de México.

El Banco Occidental de México

The Banco Occidental de México was formed in Mexico City on 11 January 1898 by George R. Douglas, José María Zobada, Levigstón R. Gordon, Robert R. Symon, Celso Gaxiola, Federico Goodchild and The Western Banking Company of Mexico Limited, with the requisite capital of $500,000 and its office in MazatlánASIN, Francisco C. Alcala, Mazatlán, 14 August 1889, f. 119. Details from Aguilar A., Gustavo and Ibarra Escobar, Wilfrido, "Surgimiento de la Banca Regional: El Banco Occidental de México en Sinaloa 1898-1911" in Memoria del XVII Simposio de Historia y Antropología, Hermosillo, 1994.

The bank opened an agency in Culiacán, which was managed by Ismael M. Ruiz from 4 February 1898 until 30 July 1900, and then by José H. Salazar, who held the post until 1912ASIN, Celso Gaxiola Rojo, Culiacán, 22 August 1889, f. 16. Ruiz moved to the bank’s branch in Colima, where he stayed until July 1902, being replaced by Luis H. HoyosASIN, Francisco C. Alcala, Mazatlán, 31 July 1902, f. 32.


By November 1905 the bank had an agency in Hermosillo under the management of Cipriano AlvarezEl Centinela, 18 November 1905.


The Banco Occidental of Sinaloa set up a branch in Guaymas in March 1900. On 7 February the bank’s manager, Alejandro Valdez Flaquer, appointed Horacio Bonzi as the manager of the branch that the bank was going to open in Guaymas, with an annual salary of $4,200 and a houseASIN, Francisco C. Alcala, Mazatlán, 7 February 1900, f. 79.

It issued the following notes overprinted with 'Guaymas' or 'Pagadero en Guaymas'.

Value Series Date from to
$5 C 15-3-1900    
$10   15-3-1900    
$20   15-3-1900    
$50   15-3-1900    
$100   15-3-1900    


In Alamos T. Robinson Bours y Hermanos were also agents for the Banco Occidental.

El Banco Minero

The Banco Minero was the major bank in the neighbouring state of Chihuahua.


 On 20 August 1902 the board agreed to establish a branch in Hermosillo with Ismael M. Ruiz, a ‘sonorense, muy conocedor de los negocios de aquel estado’, as manager. Ruiz was a native of Ures. After working at the mints in Hermosillo and CuliacánEl Centinela, 6 September 1902 he had been the manager of the Banco Occidental’s branch in Culiacán in 1898 and then established and managed its branch in Colima. In August 1902 he travelled from Colima, via Mazatlán, to Hermosillo with his family, than went to Chihuahua to discuss establishing the Hermosillo branch with Enrique CreelEl Correo de Sonora, August/September 1902.

The branch was officially established by 1 September 1902AGN, Antiguos Bancos de Emisión, Actas de Banco Minero, libro 2, 27 February 1897 to 18 March 1905, AGN with $200,000 in efectivo and $300,000 in notes but did not open its doors until March 1903A local paper predicted that the start date would be 1 March 1903 (La Centinela, 20 February 1903). The cashbook for the Hermosillo branch in the AGN dates from 16 March 1903. The bank issued the following notes overprinted with 'Hermosillo'.

Value Series Date from to
$5 P 3-3-1903 50001 55000
Q 55001 60000
A 24-8-1903 00001 5000
$10 A 21-8-1903 0001 1000
D 3001 4000
$100However, as known notes are overprinted with the 1908 robbery revalidation on the first day that the overprint was used, this suggests that these notes were not sent to Hermosillo but remained at the bank's main offices in Chihuahua C3 3-3-1903 2301 2400
E5 2501 2600
G7 2701 2800
$1000CONDUMEX, Fondo Creel, 82,86624, telegram 7 April 1908 O   351 375
P   376 400


In 1907 the manager was Ruiz, contador Rafael Horcasitas hijo and cajero J. M. Munguia.

In February 1913 Ismael M. Ruiz was still manager and J. M. Munguia still cashier. On 24 February Ruiz reported that he had sent the branch’s reserves to El Paso, and thought that it would be wise to close the branch and move to NogalesST papers, Part II, box 1, 24 February 1913, letter to Juan A. Creel. By 24 April Ruiz was in Los Angeles, and advising against opening an office in Nogales, ArizonaST papers, Part II, box 1, 24 April 1913, letter to Juan A. Creel: 4 June 1913, letter.

After the revolution, in May 1918, Ruiz seems to have abandoned his post CONDUMEX, Fondo Creel, carpeta 210, legajo 53772, letter Enrique C. Creel, Los Angeles to Juan A. Creel, El Paso 2 May 1918 and in August 1919 he (described as formerly manager of the Banco de Sonora (sic)) was reported to have established a customs agency business at calle Elías 22, Nogales, SonoraTucsonense, 19 August 1919 but he was back in Hermosillo in July 1919CONDUMEX, Fondo Creel, carpeta 243, legajo 62305.


The Guaymas branch was established some time between 1911 and 1913.