La Negociación San Rafael y Anexas

The Negociación de San Rafael y Anexas operated three mines called La Soledad, San Rafael and La Sorpresa, to the north of Pachuca.

1914 issue

On Saturday, 24 January 1914, some of the principal merchants of Pachuca called upon the mining companies and asked them to issue script as had been done elsewhere. They explained that their sales had been cut very heavily through lack of change and that they would not only welcome mining companies’ paper but would help in any way. The eight principal mining companies, with the approval of the Governor of the state, agreed to issues vales in a common format with the name of the issuing company printed on its notes. San Rafael subscribed to $10,000 of this first issue, an amount based upon the its requirements for four weeksAHMM, Fondo Norteamericano, vol. 41, exp. 15, Dirección General, Correspondencia, Mar 1913 – Nov 1914, Weekly Gossip letter.

The notes were printed by the American Book & Printing Company and the San Rafael notes are known in four values (20c, 50c, $1 and $2) dated 2 February 1914.

  Date of issue Date on note from to total
20c after 21 February 1914 2 February 1914         includes number 1035
50c         includes number 5744
$1         includes number 3498

1915 issue

In his August 1915 report on local issues to the Secretaría de Gobernación in Veracruz, Arturo Lazo de la Vega records that on 20 February 1915 governor Fortunato Maycotte agreed to a request from the Negociación Minera San Rafael y Anexas to issue $2,650.00 in 50c and $1 valesAGN, Fondo Gobernación Periodo Revolucionario, caja 93, exp. 36, folletos 8 Secretario general L. de la Vega to [    ], Pachuca, 20 August 1915.

Rafael 1 2

  Date on note from to total
$1 24 May 1915         includes number 650
$2  17 April 1915         includes number 676
15 May 1915         includes number 1376CNBanxico #11238


We know of cheques in two values ($1 and $2) dated from April and May 1915, signed by G.B. [    ]ya as cashier (Cajero) and  J. Loreto Salinas as Director and Administrator. They could be redeemed in the company’s offices at calle Mina 4,  Pachuca or Avenida Juárez 104, Mexico City in multiples of fifty pesos.

In response to de la Vega’s report, on 9 September the Secretaría de Gobernación replied that since these notes had not been authorized by the Primera Jefatura the government should grant the company a prudent length of time to withdraw themAGN, Fondo Gobernación Periodo Revolucionario, caja 93, exp. 36, folletos 8.