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El Banco de Zacatecas

Banco de Zacatecas

The Banco de Zacatecasfor a detailed history of the bank, see María Guadalupe Noriega Caldera, El Banco de Zacatecas: regulación, organización, operaciones y administración (1891-1916), Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, December 2018, granted a concession on 3 March 1891, was founded on 25 May 1891 by Jesus and Antonio Garcia, Rafael Villalpando and Luis Macias with a capital of $600,000 and began operating on 8 December of the same year. Most of the founding members were men of lineage, well-known business men, merchants and land ownersThe first board were Genaro García, as presidente, Luis Macías, Rafael Villalpando, Enrique Hatchandy, Cayetano Arteaga, Jaime G. Würst, Leopoldo Viadero, Francisco Pérez, Agustín G. González and Juan Breña. Unsurprisingly, over a dozen of the shareholders also owned shares in the Compañía Guanajuatense-Zacatecana which was the last private enterprise that leased the Zacatecas Mint (1876-1895).

Following the Ley General de Instituciones de Credito, on 12 November 1897 the bank, represented by Genaro G. García, renounced its existing rights and entered into a new contract with the federal government.

German Dectjen was manager of the main offices.

Banco de Zacatecas Aguascalientes 1900

In 1897 the bank established a branch in Aguascalientes, though its notes already circulated and were accepted in the most important shops. In July of that year the board asked the Aguascalientes Congress for certain tax exemptions for the branch that it proposed to set up in the capital and, having received themdecree núm. 856 dated 10 July 1897[text needed], began operation on 1 September. with Genaro E. Kimball as manager The Junta de Vigilancia for the branch in 1901 was Carlos M. López, Rafael Arellano Valle and Felipe Ruíz de Chávez. (AGN, Antiguos Bancos de Emisión, Caja 1716, Libro 2835, Actas del Banco de Zacatecas, 1897-1903). Up to 1914 Carlos M. López headed the Junta, Luis P. Ibargüengoitia was manager and Camilo Chávez Guinchard cajero (AGN, Antiguos Bancos de Emisión, Caja 2110, Libro 3640, Actas sucursal de Aguascalientes 1914 - 1916) . On 1 July 1902 the bank opened another branch in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, under the management of Luis P. IbargüengoitiaAHEZ, Fondo Notarios, Serie Período Independiente, Subserie Luis D. Hernández, Libro 16, Tomo II, Año 1902, Número 96, 16 June, “Poder conferido por el gerente del Banco de Zacatecas en favor de D. Luis P. Ibargüengoitia gerente del citado en Lagos”.

From the beginning of the armed movement in 1910 until the end of 1913 Zacatecas did not suffer serious conflict. Nonetheless, at the beginning of 1914 the winds of war began to blow across the mountainous regions of Zacatecas and with the approach of the revolutionary forces the board took the decision on 2 June 1914 to close the head offices and move to Mexico City.

On 8 December 1915, following an investigation into the bank's finances, the Comisión Reguladora e Inspectora de Instituciones de Crédito declared that the bank was within the terms set by the Ley General and would keep its concession.

Under Obregón's decree of 31 January 1921 the bank was placed into Class A (for banks whose assets were greater than their liabilities) and allowed to resume all customary operations except the issue of bank notes. The bank was finally liquidated in 1930.

ANBC print runs

The bank issued notes in seven denominations ($1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and $500) printed by the American Bank Note Company in New York. All of them bear a vignette (C 181) of Francisco García SalinasFrancisco García Salinas was born on the Hacienda of Santa Gertrudis, Zacatecas in 1786. He studied in the seminary of Guadalajara and returned to his hometown to dedicate himself to the mining industry. When the War of Independence ended, he was counselor of the Municipal Government of Zacatecas during 1821. While a Senator in 1825, he pointed out serious financial errors to the Ministry of the Treasury. Because of this, he was appointed Minister of the Treasury in the cabinet of Guadalupe Victoria. He held this post until 1828 when he was elected Governor of Zacatecas (1828-1834). In 1841, President Santa Anna offered him the post of Minister of the Treasury once again, which he refused shortly before his death. He died in San Pedro, Zacatecas in 1841. (governor from 1828 to 1834) on the face as well as different allegories and rural or industrial scenes. The ABNC engraved special vignettes of "oxen ploughing" (C 438) and "a view of a mining district" (C 441). For the backs the ABNC engraved a special vignette of the Cerro de la Bufa (C 439).

Zacatecas 1 00000

Zacatecas 1 00000 reverse

Zacatecas 5 00000

Zacatecas 5 00000 reverse

Zacatecas 10 00000

Zacatecas 10 00000 reverse

Zacatecas 20 00000

Zacatecas 20 00000 reverse

Zacatecas 50 00000

Zacatecas 50 00000 reverse

Zacatecas 100 00000

Zacatecas 100 00000 reverse

Zacatecas 500 996

Zacatecas 500 996 reverse

The American Bank Note Company's print runs were:

Date Value Number Series from to
June 1891 $1 50,000   1 50000
$5 30,000   1 30000
$10 10,000   1 10000
$20 5,000   1 5000
$50 1,000   1 1,000
$100 500   1 500
$500 200   1 200


Date Value Number Series from to
May 1897 $20 5,000   5001 10000
$50 3,000   1001 4000
$100 1,500   501 2000
$500 200   201 400


Date Value Number Series from to
December 1902 $5 30,000   30001 60000
$10 21,500   10001 31500
$20 3,000   10001 13000
$50 4,000   4001 8000
$100 1,500   2001 3500
$500 250   401 650


Date Value Number Series from to
May 1913 $5 50,000   60001 110000
$10 20,000   31501 51500
$20 1,000   13001 14000
$50 1,600   8001 9600
$100 3,000   3501 6500
$500 500   651 1150