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Further fractional Estado de Sonora notes

Obviously the shortage of small change continued to cause difficultiesOn 23 March 1915 the authorities in La Paz, Baja California reported that it was impossible to obtain fractional Estado de Sonora notes (from Hermosillo) in a short space of time. as decree núm. 70 of 16 April 1915 provided for an additional 100,000 pesos in ten series, labelled 1a to 10a, each of 100,000 five centavos notes and 50,000 ten centavosPeriódico Oficial, 20 April 1915.

Est Sonora 5c I 47177

Est Sonora 5c I 47177 reverse

Est Sonora 10c I 27857

Est Sonora 10c I 27857 reverse

Est Sonora 10c II 22711

Est Sonora 10c III 1306

  series from to total
5c I 1 100000 100,000 $  5,000  
10c I 1 50000 50,000 5,000  
II 1 50000 50,000 5,000  
III 1       includes number 1306


These notes were to a new design and had the signatures of Maytorena as Governor, Alberto Hugues as Oficial Mayor (E. O. M. E. D. D.), Jesús Ramos as Interim Treasurer General and Enrique Astiazarán as Interventor.

Alberto Hugues was appointed Oficial Mayor de la Secretaría General del Despacho by governor Maytorena on 1 December 1911El Estado de Colima, 24 February 1912 and he also served Interim Governor Padilla in that capacity in 1912 and 1913. He was named Inspector General de Aduanas on 11 September 1913AGHES, Fondo Oficialidad Mayor, tomo 2965. He took over as Oficial Mayor from Cespedes on 16 July 1914AGHES, Fondo Oficialidad Mayor, tomo 2984. He was Secretario General de Gobierno in March 1915.  
Jesús Ramos had served as Juez de 1a Instancia in Ures. He took over from Randall in [                    ]. He was Interim Treasurer General by 21 April 1915.  

Enrique Astiazarán was a member of a petit bourgeois family from Guaymas. He was Presidente Municipal of Hermosillo from 1914 to 1916.

He was appointed by Luis Sotomayor as Interventor on 24 September 1914AGHES, Fondo Oficialidad Mayor, tomo 2993.



Series I was issued in April and May, whilst the Series II ten centavos notes were issued in July, in the following consignementsAGHES, Fondo Oficialidad Mayor, tomo 3024. On 14 May it was reported from Nogales that the new fractional notes of 5c, 10c and 20c (sic) had begun to circulate (Prensa, 16 May 1915):

Date   Value Series from to
23 30 April 30,000 5c I 1 30000
25 1 May 34,000 10c I 1 34000
26 8 May 70,000 5c I 30001 100000
27 16,000 10c I 34001 50000
    25,000 10c II 1 25000
31 28 May 25,000 10c II 25001 50000


Serie III notes are known but may have been remainders.