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Gobierno Provisional de México Mexico $20 notes

There were no $20 notes in the first print run.

Instead there is a Yecapixtla poorly printed note issued by the Convention. It is Series D, with imprint 'MEXICO GOBIERNO DEL MEXICO' but title 'EL O. M. ENCARGADO DE LA SRIA. DE HACIENDA', and underprint Type 1.

GPM 20 D 0132140

GPM 20 D 0132140 reverse

The fact that these notes have the word 'PESOS' in a bar across the denomination in the four corners shows that it was 'copied' from the second, rather than the first, printing of the Veracruz issue.

The next two examples are rare anomalies. The first has a high quality engraving and was printed from plates produced by the Carranza government (hence the serial letter D as part of a sequence) but never issued during its tenure in Mexico City and then subsequently revalidated and issued by the Convencionista government. The title is 'EL S.S. ENCARGADO DE LA SRIA. DE HACIENDA'. On the reverse the printing on the treasury seals is black intaglio (raised printing).

The next is the same except that the title is printed in error as 'EL O.M. ENCARGADO DE LA SRIA. DE HACIENDA'.

Date of issue Date on note Series from to total
  20 October 1914    D           Yecapixtla
includes numbers 0132140CNBanxico #3201 to numbers 0285810CNBanxico #3203 
          Title A. (S. S. ENCARGADO)
includes numbers 0078524CNBanxico #3205 to 0421537CNBanxico #3208
          Title B. (O. M.  ENCARGADO)
includes numbers 0010645CNBanxico #3225 to 0370438CNBanxico #3126