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Convencionista issues

Hidalgo convencionista

During 1915 the Villistas (or Convencionistas) retained control of a large part of the state and occasionally made incursions to capture and briefly hold towns such as Pachuca, Real del Monte and Tulancingo.

General Roberto Martínez y Martínez had been appointed governor when the Villistas took Pachuca in January 1915. On 8 June he was appointed by Villa General de Brigada, an appointment ratified by Zapata, as Martínez argued that he supported the Convention rather than Villismo itself. He recaptured Pachuca on 16 July and was interim governor from 24 to 28 July. When driven out, he fought in August at Actopan and took part in the defence of Ixmiquilpan against the Carrancistas. Martínez declared Ixmiquilpan, and then Actopan, the capital of the state.


Ixmiquilpan 50c

Ixmiquilpan 50c reverse

  from to total
50c         includes number 162CNBanxico #11208 to 1298on grey paper
$1         includes number 355


These Ejército Convencionista notes, dating from August 1915 when the Conventionists still held Ixmiquilpan, state that they were of forced circulation throughout the state and would be paid by the Tesorería General del Estado.


Zimapán is a mining town 125 kilometres northwest of Pachuca.

These notes were issued by the Convencionista Tesorería General del Estado in accordance with a decree of 31 August 1915[text needed] and were supposedly of forced circulation throughout the state. They are dated 20 September and have the stamped signature of [               ][identification needed], Secretario General del Gobierno. Some had a straight border on the face

Whilst others had a serrated border, and different design on either side of the denomination.

  series from to total
5c A         wavy line
includes number 387
$1 A         straight line
includes number 4048
        wavy line
includes numbers 7917CNBanxico #11214 to 17065
$2         straight line
includes number 9764
        wavy line
includes numbers 1644 to 3065CNBanxico #11215



Mexican Paper Money list two notes of the Brigada Méndez of the División del Norte under Tulancingo but a pencilled annotation on their reverse reads 'Lagos de Moreno, Jal.'.