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Counterfeit $5 sábanas Types 3 and 4

Counterfeit $5 sábanas Type 3

sabanas 5 A 99794

sabanas 5 A 99794 reverse

Another listed in the December 1914 notice was a Series A note. This is probably the same as Type 4 though it is strange that the writer missed the most obvious feature - the two strokes in the peso sign.

Chao's signature lower the 'a' of Villa is inside the loop of the 'M' of Chao's signature
  background colour is reddisher and darker (s rojizo y oscuro)

Counterfeit $5 sábanas Type 4

sabanas 5 A 101218

This counterfeit was mentioned by Lazaro de la Garza in June 1914LG papers, 1-F-28, telegram from de la Garza, Ciudad Juárez, to Villa, Torreón and Fidel Avila, Chihuahua, 9 June 1914. De la Garza wrote that, in view of this and other counterfeits, it might be advisable, if the others agreed, to set a period of one month to exchange legitimate notes for the new dos caritas.



One stroke in peso sign ($)


Two strokes in peso sign ($)

sab5count4c  sab5count4d

flatter, larger serif on 'A'


In keeping with the requirements of the times these notes were also given counterfeit REVALIDADO overprints.

sabanas 5 A 101218 reverse