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Signatories on earliest Banco de Londres, México y Sud América notes


Charles Alexander Thurburn

Thurburn will have signed the notes in London as he also signed a $10 note for the bank's branch in Bogota, Colombia.

sig Thurburn

William Anastacius Jones was born in Guanajuato in 1830. He had been the local director of the Anglo-Mexican Mint Company.

He died in 1904.


Manager / Gerente

NewboldWilliam (Guillermo) Newbold

The Englishman William Newbold was sent out in 1864 to set up a bank in Mexico. He was the manager from its establishment in July 1864 until January 1873, when he retired to England.

 sig Newbold
William Thomas Morrison sig Morrison

Accountant / Gerente

Robert Geddes

Geddes took over from Newbold as manager of the bank in January 1873 and served until October 1873 when he was temporarily replaced by Thomas Horncastle. He resumed the position in November 1874 and remained in this post until the end of 1880.

sig Geddes