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Counterfeit 20c cartones

As stated, given the cartones’ size and deterioration through constant use, it is not surprising that the ordinary person would be hard-pressed to recognise a counterfeit, but some egregious examples stand out, such as these examples from the Banco de México's collectionV 49904 CNBanxico #3857: V 45629 CNBanxico #6661: Z 421901 CNBanxico #3853:

for series V

Gobierno Provisional 20c 1

Gobierno Provisional 20c 1 reverse


GPM 20c V 40204 reverse

GPM 20c V 40204


GPM 20c V 45628 reverseGPM 20c V 45628

for series Z

GPM 20c Z 874274 reverse

GPM 20c Z 874274


carton 10c Z 421901 reverse

carton 10c Z 421901