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Advertisements on Chihuahua notes - Shops and suppliers (El Paso)

Advert El Paso Gateway

'El Paso, Texas / GATE WAY TO MEXICO'. known on $20 dos caritas

In June 1915 El Paso’s delegation to the Adclub convention at Chicago distributed large amounts of advertising features, including 1,000 pesos of new Villa currencyEl Paso Herald, 16 June 1915. At a Press Association meeting in October 1915 G. H. Clements, El Paso publicity director of the chamber of commerce, presented an outlined program of entertainment and distributed booklets and several thousand pesos of Villa currency as souvenirsEl Paso Herald, 18 October 1915. In January 1916 El Paso delegates to the Overland Dealers excursion planned to distribute Villa currency as souvenirs. One money broker had given the automobile editor of The Herald an option on 500,000 pesos at a very low rateEl Paso Herald, 13 January 1916.

Sol Berg

Sol Berg 

 Sol Berg reverse

'Let 'Em Howl/Happy New Year SOL BERG', known on $1 dos caritas

Sol Berg 1   Sol Berg 2   Sol Berg 3


Sol I. Berg’s store was at 206-210, E San Antonio Street, El Paso. 'Let ‘Em Howl' was his catchphrase.

La Calidad

 La Calidad

'1916 / FELIZ AÑO / La Calidad / 105-107 BROADWAY ST. / Almacen de Calzado / Visitenos Usted.', known on $1 dos caritas

La Ciudad de Mexico

 La Ciudad de Mexico


El Maida Temple, El Paso

advert El Maida

'Bring this MONEY to / El Paso, Texas / El Maida Temple Will Cash It. / Sam Freudenthal / John Wyatt / Bob Page / BUFFALO, 1916 Representatives', known on $5 dos caritas.

This counterfeit $5 note with its overprint will have been given away by members of the El Maida Shriners at the imperial shrine council in Buffalo, New York, in July 1916. According to an El Paso newspaper El Paso Herald, 7 July 1916 because of the uncertain conditions prevailing in El Paso, the trip of the El Maida patrol company to Buffalo was called off, but the shrine was represented by past potentates Samuel J. Freudenthal and John M. WyattFreudental was potentate in 1913, and Wyatt in 1909. Other potentates included mayor Thomas C. Lea in 1912 and Sol I. Berg in 1916 and high priest and prophet Robert W. Page.

El Paso Chamber of Commerce

At the end of December 1915 it was reported that the El Paso Chamber of Commerce had purchased large quantities of Villa currency for advertising purposesTucson Daily Citizen, 4 December 1915.

El Paso Medical Society

El Paso County Medical Society

'Barbecue And Smoker El Paso County Medical Society July 15, 1916', known on $5 dos caritas

Hilton Drug Co.

 'AIR CONDITIONED / HILTON DRUG CO / EL PASO, TEXAS / OPEN ALL NIGHTS', rubber-stamped, known on $10 Banco del Estado


'HILTON DRUG CO. / EL PASO, TEXAS / OPEN ALL NIGHT/ OPEN ALL NIGHT/ AIR CONDITIONED', rubber-stamped, known on $10 Banco del Estado

The Hilton Hotel (now the Plaza Hotel), at 106 Mills Avenue, was constructed by Conrad Hilton in 1929, on the site of the Sheldon Hotel, which burned down in that year.

Texas Grand Grecian Theatre, Hotel Paso del Norte

advert Surdam

Compliments of / H. E. VAN SURDAM / Musical Director / Hotel Paso del Norte Texas Grand / Grecian Theatre / EL PASO, TEXAS, known on $1 dos caritas

C. E. Pollock

advert Pollock

'C. E. POLLOCK, El Paso, Texas, June 11, 1918', known on $10 and $20 dos caritas

Pollock at deskCharles E. Pollock was El Paso's Chief of Police from 11 October 1917 to 9 January 1919.







Sandoval News Service

Reported on $5 Banco del Estado de Chihuahua

In January 1940 Sandoval News Service, 408 East Yandell Blvd., El Paso, wholesalers of curios and other Mexican articles wrote to the ABNC to ask where they could buy outdated banknotes, enclosing a $5 Banco del Estado de Chihuahua (Series A, No. 011996). The note was confiscated by the U.S. Secret ServiceABNC letter N. K. Oliver, Sandoval News Service, to ABNC, 15 January 1940; letter Treasury Department, U. S. Secret Service to ANBC, 19 January 1940.

Harry Schifferle

Advert Schifferle


David S. Shehady

advert shehady

'This Bill May Not Be of Value, But / We Value Your Past Favors and / Hope to Continue Serving You. / DAVID S. SHEHADY / IMPORTER / 106 San Francisco St. M 1069W El Paso, Texas.', known on $5, $10 and $20 Banco del Estado

In November 1939 Shehady, an importer of Mexican art goods, wrote to the American Bank Note Company asking whether they could provide any more of these notesABNC letter David Shehady to ABNC, 4 November 1939.

M. D. Springer

M. D. Springer / Importer / 220 South El Paso Street / El Paso, Texas

Reported on Banco del Estado de Chihuahua $20 note.

In January 1940 the American Bank Note Company received an enquiry from R. C. Whittinghall and Company, 82 Duane Street, New York City about advertising, enclosing a copy of a $20 note with this advertisement. The ABNC sent the note to the Secret Service of the U.S. Treasury, who promptly confiscated itABNC letter R. C. Whittinghill & Co., New York to ABNC, 5 January 1940; letter Treasury Department, U. S. Secret Service to ANBC, 8 January 1940.