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Pastry shops

“La Colonia”

This cafe and cake shop (cafe y dulcería) issued a lilac on pink 50c note[image needed].

“La Condal” La Condal 5c

La Condal 5c reverse

La Condal 20c

La Condal 20c reverse

  series from to total
5c A         includes number 0078
10c B          
20c C         includes number 0061


A sweet, pastry and coffee shop run by J. Forns, S. en C. at Avenida 5 de Mayo 40. The notes have an advertisement for the Zapatería del Elefante shoeshop at Avenida J. M. Pino Suárez 14 on the reverse.

Zapateria del Elefante

La Granja

This pastry and cake shop is mentioned in July 1915 as having issued valesEl Combate, Tomo I, Núm. 20, 7 July 1915. It was situated at 1a Bolivar 16 and in December 1916 owned by Ventura AramendiaEl Gladiador, 9 December 1916.

Dulcería “La Moderna”

La Moderna 25c

La Moderna 25c reverse

This dulcería was situated at 5a calle de Bolivar 44 and run by José Balsells.

"La Primavera"

La Primavera 50c

This "proof of purchase" is more like a Green Shield trading stamp. It has a face value of 50c and once the holder has collected $30 they will receive $1 in money.

Dulcería y Pastelería “La Victoria”

This was located at Avenida Pino Suárez 34 and run by Pedro Paytuvi.

La Victoria 25c

La Victoria 50c

  from to total
25c         includes number 465
50c         includes number 484