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American Book & Printing Company notes

Following Huerta's modification to the Ley General of 1897 in January 1914, permitting the issue of low value notes, the bank issued $1 and $2 notes printed by the American Book & Printing Company of Mexico City. The face had a stock vignette of Hidalgo and the reverse imitated the vignette used by the ABNC.

$1 notes

Estado de Mexico 1 EF 148585

Estado de Mexico 1 EF 148585 reverse

On 17 March 1914 10,000 of the $1 notes mysteriously disappeared. It appears that Miguel Fernández and José Trinidad Martínez, two employees of the Banco Central, were instructed to collect 36,000 notes of various denominations and banks from the Oficina Impresora de Estampillas, in the Palacio Nacional, where they had been stamped. They took along a boy (mozo) with a handcart, but when they delivered the notes to the Banco Central, found that one packet was missingEl Imparcial, Tomo XXXV, Núm. 6389 18 March 1914: the El País account said that the mozo worked for the Oficina Impresora.

The same evening someone was picked up at the "Monte Carlo", in Avenida de 16 de septiembre, whilst gambling with some of the notes. He claimed to have received them in change but was arrested and taken to the Inspeccion General de PoliciaEl País, Año X, Núm 4570, 18 March 1914.

Estado de Mexico 1 EF 106931The bank knew the serial numbers of the missing notes, from 105001 to 115000, and told the public not to accept themEl Correo de la Tarde, Año XXIX, Núm. 9423, 25 March 1914. Note that the $1 note pictured above is one of those that disappeared.

Date of issue Date on note Series from to Consejero Interventor Cajero  

9 February 1914  C.D. 000001 100000 Ferrat Castillo Garduño includes numbers 000135CNBanxico #42587 to 094332CNBanxico #4626 
  E.F.  100001 105000  
  105001 115000 stolen
  115001 200000 includes numbers 129266CNBanxico #42585 to 199695CNBanxico #4629 
  G.H. 200001 300000 includes numbers 212566CNBanxico #11431 to 284543
  J.K. 300001   includes number 312254CNBanxico #4622

 $2 notes

Estado de Mexico 2 PQ 149392

Estado de Mexico 2 PQ 149392 reverse

Date of issue Date on note Series from to Consejero Interventor Cajero  

9 February 1914 N.O.  000001 100000 E. Henkel Castillo Garduño includes numbers 001366CNBanxico #42605 to 099249CNBanxico #42606  
  P.Q. 100001 200000 includes numbers 103325CNBanxico #42590 to 194782CNBanxico #42592