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Counterfeit $10 Estado de Sonora Type 2

Est Sonora 10 2 6414

This counterfeit has all the earmarks of having been produced by the same people who produced the $5 Series 2 counterfeits Types 2-6. It is patterned after printing position 2 of the genuine notes.




outer curve on the fan at upper right is twice width of the inner ones



The Eagle seal is patterned after the large size, with normal 'C' in "MEXICANA'



The counterfeit Mountain Seal is the same as the one used in the $5 Series 2 counterfeits Types 2-6. It is missing diagonal shading in the sky and water, and the middle mark in the Liberty Cap looks like a duck facing right. The seal is smaller than the genuine seals by 1.5mm in both height and width.


Randall signature is a larger handstamp


The '1' in the large '$10' is pointed at the top


'1' is square at the top


On the back the tail of the 'R' of 'SONORA' is a straight diagonal line


tail is curved


The counterfeit may show the watermark DEFIANCE BOND 1912.