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Mining companies

Guerrero miningWe know of issues from two mining companies from Taxco.


Cia. Minera "La Peña y Cazadores", S. A.

This mine was situated at Tehuilotepec, just outside Taxco.

La Pena 2c

La Pena 2c reverse

La Pena 5c

La Pena 5c reverse

La Pena 10c

La Pena 20c

La Pena 25c

La Pena 50c

  from to total
2c 1       include numbers 7CNBanxico #4332 to 187CNBanxico #11174
5c 1       include numbers 33CNBanxico #11175 to 140CNBanxico #4336
10c 1       include numbers 7CNBanxico #4337 to 129
20c 1       include numbers 17CNBanxico #11176 to 44CNBanxico #4338
25c 1       include numbers 46CNBanxico #11177 to 85
50c 1       includes number 20


These have the signature of the manager [                 ][identification needed] on the face and his handstamp on the reverse.

  sig La Pena


Negociación Minera "Por la Revolución En el E. de Guerrero"

revolucion 5c

revolucion 5c reverse

revolucion 10c

revolucion 10c reverse

  from to total
5c         includes number 1915 and 5[1?]47
10c         includes number 2170
20c         includes [ ]26


A series of three notes (5c, 10c and 20c[image needed]) with a datestamp of 9 October 1914. The name of the mining company suggested it had been "intervened" by the revolutionists.