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Counterfeit $1 Ejército Constitucionalista notes

On 15 June 1915 Luis Pruneda, the Inspector at the government printing works, reported that they knew of one type of counterfeit $1 Ejército Constitucionalista notesCEHM, Fondo XX1, carpeta 43, legajo 4641. The only detailed mention of counterfeit $1 notes is in a late notice of September 1915, which lists two characteristics.

  hatching at the bottom of the central vignette incomplete (tienen al fondo del centro con el rayado incompleto)
  the background to ‘EJERCITO CONSTITUCIONALISTA DE MEXICO’ is lighter


Ejercito 1 A 2371309

Ejercito 1 A 2371309 reverse

This note has been cancelled with a 'NULO' overprint but it might have been because of the lack of a Secretaría seal and control letters rather than because it was counterfeit.