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Counterfeit $10 Banco Nacional de México notes

Nacional 10 counterfeit

There are several references to counterfeit $10 notes.

In January 1911 it was reported that the police in Mexico City were trying to find the source of a counterfeit $10 note, whilst around $400 in such notes had turned up in Puebla. The counterfeits were hard to recognize but differed in colour from the genuine article (billetes falso, que, en conjunto, no es fácil conocer; pero que ya aislados, difieren por el color, de los legítimos)El Heraldo Mexicano, Núm. 92, 31 January 1911.

In April 1913 three men were arrested in Pachuca, Hidalgo, for forging $10,000 in $10 Banco Nacional de México notes.

On 16 July 1913 María Asunción Guevara was arrested whilst trying to pass a good imitation of a $10 note. She had some other $10 notes and one $5 note. The public was warned to take care when receiving these two denominationsEl País, 17 July 1913.

In February 1915 the police arrested someone with three counterfeit $10 notes. The principal distinguishing features were the typeface was smudged, the figures were the same as the letter, unclear, and the signatures were imperfect (Los billetes falsos recogidos son de diez pesos, tienen en la cara que dice Banco Nacional de México, borrados los tipos, y las figuras están de la misma manera que la letra, poco claras. Las firmas de los billetes falsos son imperfectas, y además existen algunas otras diferencias, que aunque son de menor importancia, no pasan por alto, pues que son fácilmente visibles)La Prensa, Año I, Tomo I, Núm. 13, 19 February 1915. The next day the police arrested Agustín Aguilar, Abel Ramírez and Leonardo Ballesteros, who tried to pass some of these notes in a restaurant in the Calle de Santo DomingoLa Prensa, Año I, Tomo I, Núm. 14, 20 February 1915.