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La Dirección General de Rentas, Cuernavaca

The state capital, Cuernavaca, remained the last Huertista holdout in the state but the Zapatistas took it on 13 April 1914, and the Convention government was moved there in January of 1915.

The Dirección General de Rentas in Cuernavaca produced various low denomination notes with the printed signature of the cajero (cashier) Francisco Rodriguez.

Francisco Rodriguez joined the Dirección General as the Oficial segundo in June 1907Periódico Oficial, 29 June 1907 and had been promoted to cajero by August 1910Periódico Oficial, 6 August 1910.  


The first was a series (10c, 20c and 50c) dated June 1914.

A 50c note dated 18 July 1914.

A 50c note dated 28 July 1914.

Direccion 50c 3

    from to total
10c June 1914         include numbers 2341 to 7429CNBanxico #11651
20c         includes numbers 6394 to 9900
50c 18 July 1914         includes nunbers 596 to 15743
50c 28 July 1914         include numbers 2807 to 22857