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Tesorería Municipal

The only official issue during the revolution was of fractional currency (moneda fraccionaria) that provisional governor Martín TrianaMartín Triana Guzmán was born in San Miguel del Mezquital (now Miguel Auza), Zacatecas, in 1885. In 1911, he joined the armed movement against Porfirio Díaz, fighting in the Lagunera region and occupying Sombrerete in May 1911. After the decena trágica, he again took up arms against Huerta and fought at Torreón and Zacatecas, taking part in the capture of that city in June 1914. When Villa fought with Obregón at Celaya in May and June 1915, Triana defected to the Carrancistas and was provisional governor of Aguascalientes from 10 August 1915 to 13 June 1916. In 1917 he retired to private life and died in Mexico City on 9 February 1934. authorised[text needed] on 29 September 1915. The amount issued finally rose to $11,500Periódico Oficial, Aguascalientes, 28 May 1916.

These were issued in three denominations (5c, 10c and 20c).

Tesoreria Municipal 20c reverse

  from to total
5c  000001  090000  90,000  $  4,500 includes numbers 024244CNBanxico #5 to 071309
10c 090001 140000 50,000 5,000 includes numbers 091357 to 103980CNBanxico #6
20c 140001 150000 10,000 2,000 includes numbers 140092 to 144931CNBanxico #7
        $ 11,500  


The state archives include a record of the delivery of 80,000 cartones from a book printerAAguas, caja 418, exp. 11, fojas 11, 1915.


On 23 May 1916 governor Martín Triana set a period until 30 June for the Tesorería Municipal to withdraw these notes, exchanging them for Gobierno Provisional de México notes. Any outstanding notes would be null and void, whilst the Tesorería would incinerate the notes it had collected.