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Counterfeit $10 sábanas Type 1

Counterfeit $10 sábanas Type 1

sabanas 10 A 8001

sabanas 10 A 8001 reverse

The characteristics listed in the notice of 21 March 1914 are

  letters are thicker (más gruesos)
  ink is blacker
edging frame is made up of plates so slight breaks in corners edging is continuous in the corners
Chao’s signature stroke ends in a thick flourish Chaos signature ends in a lump (bola o nudo)
Tesorería seal is rubber and handstamped so details are blurred


seal is of metal, usually steel, so details are perfect


whilst the notice of 24 March 1914 lists:

  letters and signatures thicker
Small joints at the corners and various parts of edging edging appears continuous
Rubber seal, printed in black ink Steel seal, printed in purple ink, without a bar after ‘CHIHUAHUA’
Point before ‘S’ of Vargas’ signature is away from the edging


Point is always within the edging
The 'h' of Vargas' signature is below the word 'Gral'


'h' covers 'Gral'
comma after ‘Interventor’


point after ‘Interventor’
The initial angle(?) of Vargas' signature is thinner is thicker


This is the counterfeit in the Alvarado case, where the details noted were:

  Much thicker lettering
  Blacker ink
  outside edging line is much thicker


Over "NUM." a "No." in faint red ink

  Names and signatures of Tesorero and Interventor much thicker
Background of spots regular


Background of spots in complete disorder
Occasional breaks in the edging, particularly in the corners Edging is blacker, thicker and formed by a single line
Seal is rubber and applied by hand, so details of the eagle and lettering are blurred
In seal “TESORERIA GENERAL” is between two bars
Seal is metal and imprinted, so details are equal and distinct
No bar after “GENERAL”


sabanas 10 A 13704

sabanas 10 A 13704 reverse

On one of these notes someone went so far as to write on an 'x' in the top left corner.