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Oaxaca haciendas


Hacienda de Tecomaxtlahua y Hacienda de Los Obos

In Teotitlán, the sugarcane plantation of Cuatempam and the Hacienda and Sugar Mill of Ayotla (both founded during the colonial period) belonged to General Ignacio Mejía during the Porfiriato, and later passed into the hands of Francisco Martínez Arauna. They covered 10,000 hectares and 4,500 hectares, respectively.

The Ingenio Central de Ayotla was founded by Martínez Arauna in 1908 and, commencing operations from 1910, worked with complete regularity and always yielding profits in favour of its owner until 1920, when Martìnez Arauna sold the business to Ortiz Sainz y Cía., after which it slipped into decline.

  date on note from to total
5c           includes number 4148
20c 1 May 1915         includes number 4806CNBanxico #11808
50c 17 May 1915         includes number 2091
[  ] June 1915         includes number 4969
15 July 1915         includes numbers 6808CNBanxico #4663 to 7306CNBanxico #11809
$1 17 May 1915         includes number 460
            includes numbers 1556CNBanxico #11814 to 34377


The signatures were of Manuel [               ][identification needed] as Cajero and [                   ][identification needed] as Administrador.

Manuel sig Ayotla Cajero
  sig Ayotla Administrador


The datestamp on the reverse is of the Ingenio Central de Ayotla at the Ignacio Mexia station of the Central Mexican Railway (Ferrocarril Central Mexicano del Sur) or of the Hacienda de los Obos at the Chicatlan station.


Hacienda de Quiotepec

Emilio Bolanos Cacho was the brother of Miguel Bolaños Cacho,who was governor of Oaxaca in 1914.

Quiotepec 5c

  from to total
5c         includes number 164CNBanxico #11824
10c         includes numbers 114 to 0947
20c         includes number 0528
50c         includes numbers 400CNBanxico #11825 to 481


These notes have the legend 'Este VALE es acceptado en las casas de Sánchez y Espi[ ]a Sario[   ] y Quintero. - Cuicatlán. - Gamboa y Cia. Sucs. - Teotitlán'. Cuicatlán and Teotitlán del Camino (now Teotitlán de Flores Magón) are 55 kilometres apart on the main highway north from Oaxaca.