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Counterfeit $5 Estado de Sonora note Type 3

Est Sonora 5 2 9488

The only differences between this type and the previous one are that the large breaks in the border have been eliminated or minimized, and there is now a broken ‘J’ in Juan. The break is at the base. (What appears to be a break in the ‘J’ near the top, is just an abrasion on the surface of this particular note.)




The outer curve on the fan at the upper left corner is twice the width of the inner ones
  The Eagle Seal is patterned after the large size, with normal ‘C’ in ‘MEXICANA’, albeit with varying degrees of success.



On the back the tail on the ‘R’ of ‘SONORA’ is curved, whereas it should be a straight diagonal line.
  The watermark, DEFIANCE BOND 1912, is sometimes found on these notes.


'J' of 'Juan' broken at base