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Counterfeit $5 Estado de Sonora note Type 2

Est Sonora 5 2 6167




The outer curve on the fan at the upper left corner is twice the width of the inner ones
  The Eagle Seal is patterned after the large size, with normal ‘C’ in ‘MEXICANA’, albeit with varying degrees of success.



On the back the tail on the ‘R’ of ‘SONORA’ is curved, whereas it should be a straight diagonal line.
  The watermark, DEFIANCE BOND 1912, is sometimes found on these notes.




On the front the tail on the ‘R’ of ‘SONORA’ is straight instead of curved

  The Randall signature is handstamped


Overall, the Mountain Seal is better executed. It still is missing diagonal shading in the sky and water, but there are now no large blotches in the water. There are now marks in the Liberty Cap, and the middle one looks like a duck facing right. Unfortunately, the seal is now even smaller than Type 1, by 1.5mm in both height and width.


The Eagle Seal has been cleaned up substantially, and although it is not as finely executed as the original, it no longer jumps off the paper


The blue printing is very similar to Type 1. Both ball serifs on the large blue ‘$’ still curve in toward the upright, but do not on the genuine note. However, the upright of the large blue ‘S’ now slants away from the vertical

  The ‘J’ in ‘Juan’ is complete, not broken


There are two large breaks through the border on the right side about 8 to 9mm from the bottom and from the top



Est Sonora 5 2 8757

A variety of this type exists printed on an extremely bright, stiff paper with the Randall hand-stamp in dark ink with the sweep of the signature shortened. Probably the rest of the sweep landed on an intervening piece of paper, by accident or on purpose. The hand-stamps for these two varieties are shown below

5count2o   5count2p