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The withdrawal of the Monclova issue

On 8 December 1914 Carranza decreed that from 1 April 1915 various issues would cease to be legal tender within the area dominated by his forces and would be exchanged by the Secretaría de Hacienda. These included the Monclova notes. However, a month later, on 16 January 1915 because of the large number of counterfeits that had appeared and the difficulty that the public had in recognising them Carranza decommissioned the Monclova issue. The Tesorería General de la Nación would exchange any genuine notes.

On 4 November 1915 the governor of Sinaloa, Manuel Rodríguez Gutiérrez told his Tesorero General that General Diéguez had said that as the circulation of the Monclova notes had been declared at an end, they should be exchanged at the earliest opportunityPeriódico Oficial, Sinaloa, Tomo VI, Núm. 104, 6 November 1915.