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Ayuntamiento de 1915 (central state)


20c[image needed] and 50c[image needed] notes are known.


20c and 50c notes are known.

Atliaca 20c

Atliaca 50c

Atliaca 50c reverse

Dick Long in his November 1974 auction listed a 20c note on blue paper with hand signature of A. Garcia, a 20c on white paper with hand signature of B. Cabrera, a 20c printed on a piece cut from a British postcard, and a 50c cut from a cardboard with hand drawn "Feliz Ano 1904" and hand signature of A. Garcia.


Tixtla 20c reverse

Tixtla 20c

Tixtla 50c

Tixtla 50c reverse

Tixtla 1

Tixtla 1 reverse

Tixtla 1 1

Tixtla 1 1 reverse


One series of notes was dated 1 March 1915.

Bravos 1 March

Bravos 1 March reverse

Another series (5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1) was dated 5 June 1915. Some were numbered.

Bravos 5c

Bravos 5c reverse

Bravos 10c

Bravos 20c

Bravos 20c

Bravos 50c reverse

Bravos 1 June

Bravos 1 June reverse

Some $1 notes omitted the value 'UN PESO' below the portrait.

Bravos 1 June without

Bravos 1 June without reverse

date on note   from to total
1 March 1915 $1         includes number 5709CNBanxico #11127
5 June 1915 5c         includes number 3196
10c         includes number 3248
20c         includes number 413
50c         includes numbers 3324CNBanxico #11123 to 18072CNBanxico #4189
$1         includes numbers 757 to 22285CNBanxico #4195

Tonalapa del Sur

Tonalapa 10c

Tonalapa 10c reverse

The Comisaria of Tonalapa del Sur issued a 10c note, though there is no indication of its date.