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Counterfeit $5 Estado de Sonora note Type 5

Est Sonora 5 2 11149Type 5 is identical to Type 4 except that the Randall signature is no longer a hand-stamp, but is hand signed.




The outer curve on the fan at the upper left corner is twice the width of the inner ones
  The Eagle Seal is patterned after the large size, with normal ‘C’ in ‘MEXICANA’, albeit with varying degrees of success.



On the back the tail on the ‘R’ of ‘SONORA’ is curved, whereas it should be a straight diagonal line.
  The watermark, DEFIANCE BOND 1912, is sometimes found on these notes.


Ball serifs on the large blue ‘$’ are no longer inclined towards the upright and the upright on the ‘$’ is now vertical. However, the ‘$’ is now thicker than it should be



Randall's signature is handsigned