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$10 notes of the Banco Nacional de México (1885-1905)

(To date I have not expended much energy on reconstructing the tables for the Banco Nacional de México because in the archives of the Banco de  México is a register Actas de Emisión No 1 which records, over 299 pages, 145 meetings of the board from 25 August 1885 to 30 April 1918. These includes 126 lists of dates of issues, covering 51 different dates from 1 January 1885 to 11 December 1913José Antonio Bátiz Vázquez, "Los Billetes de Banamex", in El Boletín Numismático, vol. 183, April-June 1999. I hope that one day I will be able to summarise this record.)

Nacional 10 CD 2484336

Date issued Date on note Serie Serie from to Consejero Cajero Interventor Interventor comment
26 August 1885 1 January 1885 CH   1 003000   Usandiraga
Romero Rubio
3,000 notes for Chihuahua
27 August 1885 G   003001 006500   3,500 notes for Guadalajara
28 August 1885     006501 007000   Bátiz implies not issued
L   007001 010500   4,000 notes for San Luis Potosí
 G2   010501 013500   3,000 notes for Guanajuato
M   013501 016500   3,000 notes for Mérida
30 August 1885   016501     15,000 notes for Veracruz overprinted PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ and needlepunched VERACRUZ
  P     de Prida includes number 025378CNBanxico #10616 and 025941 PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ and needlepunched VERACRUZ
  Y     Ibañez includes number 028540 PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ and needlepunched VERACRUZ
31 August 1885 P   031501 037500   6,000 notes for Puebla overprinted Pagadero en Puebla and needlepunched
  M2   037501     62,000 notes
  A     Arena includes number 044935CNBanxico #10552
  B     Bermejillo includes number 045216
  S3     Stein includes number 068589
  1 December 1886 M2 G5     Gargollo Usandizaga Romero Rubio Zenteno includes number 104539
  1 January 1887 P Z6     Zorrilla          includes number 110160CNBanxico #10600 overprinted and needleprinted PUEBLA
  M2 O6     Ortiz includes number 1199785CNBanxico #10553
            known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Veracruz
  1 January 1888 G Q3     Pelaez       includes number 134328CNBanxico #10586 overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Guadalajara
                  known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Merida
  1 May 1889 M3 N8     Martín Usandiraga    Romero Rubio    Zenteno    includes number 167809CNBanxico #10594 overprinted PAGADERO EN MAZATLAN
          known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Guadalajara
          known overprinted Guanajuato
          known overprinted Pagadero en San Luis Potosi
  4 June 1889 M N9     Martín Usandiraga Romero Rubio Zenteno includes number 168100CNBanxico #10595 overprinted MERIDA
  1 October 1889 M2 A10     Arena Usandiraga Romero Rubio  Zenteno  includes number 176859CNBanxico #10554
  K10     Camacho includes number 181423
  O P10     de Prida includes number 184313CNBanxico #10598overprinted Pagadero en Oaxaca
  1 March 1890                  
  1 August 1890 O
                 overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Monterrey
          overprinted Pagadero en Oaxaca
  15 October 1890                 known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Durango
  1 December 1890 M3 A13     Arena Usandiraga     Romero Rubio
Zenteno     includes number 210976
  P G13     Gargollo includes number 237079CNBanxico #10601 overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Puebla 
  M2 L     Lavie includes number 245185CNBanxico #10556
  O13       includes number 253682CNBanxico #10555
  C14     Cortina includes number 295594
          known overprinted and needleprinted Monterrey
          overprinted Monclova, Coah.
          known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Zacatecas
  26 July 1897 M P2       Pereda Escobedo Nuñez includes number 388576CNBanxico #10557
  C4     Cuevas includes number 403514CNBanxico #71202
  L6     Lavie includes number 430062
  O6       includes number 431567
  S7     Sauto includes number 446809
  R8     Strück includes number 455360CNBanxico #71188 overprinted TEZUITLAN
  D10     Cortina includes number 471468CNBanxico #71171
  G10     Gargollo includes number 4722582CNBanxico #10610 overprinted TEZUITLAN
  C13       includes number 502126CNBanxico #71195
  L13     Lavie includes number 507043
  S13     Sauto includes number 512238CNBanxico #71192
  S14     Sauto includes number 523111CNBanxico #1734
  C15       includes number 524709CNBanxico #71197
  R16     Strück includes number 543453CNBanxico #71198
  S16     Sauto includes number 545605CNBanxico #71200
  G18     Gargollo includes number 560467CNBanxico #71190
  O19     Ortiz includes number 574176CNBanxico #1737
  C20     Cuevas includes number 579409CNBanxico #71194
  C22     Cuevas includes number 601385CNBanxico #71193
  K22     Camacho includes number 605087
  C23     Cuevas includes number 612460CNBanxico #71189{/footnote
  L24     Lavie includes number 628862CNBanxico #71203
  P25       includes number 641693CNBanxico #71199 overprinted TEZUITLAN
  G26       includes number 648516CNBanxico #71196
          overprinted Agencia en Matehuala
          overprinted MAZATLAN
          overprinted Saltillo
  1 May 1898                 known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Mazatlan
  1 December 1890 P G13     Gargollo Usandiraga Romero Rubio Zenteno includes number 237079CNBanxico #10601 overprinted PUEBLA
  M2 L       includes number 245185CNBanxico #10556
  O13     Ortiz includes number 253682CNBanxico #10555
  1 July 1901 M2 O2                includes number 680798CNBanxico #71097
  R4       includes number 703923CNBanxico #71096
  K5     Camacho includes number 711597CNBanxico #71095
  R5     Strück includes number 713355CNBanxico #71241 overprinted MONCLOVA, COAH.
  W5       includes number 719229CNBanxico #71098
          known overprinted Tezuitlan
  1 April 1902 M3 L6     Lavie Salas Baranda Nuñez includes number 722621CNBanxico #71238
  M8     P. Macedo includes number 746166CNBanxico #10587 overprinted GUANAJUATO
  E8     J. Escandón includes numbers 747133CNBanxico #10585 to 747309CNBanxico #71242 overprinted DURANGO
  G8     Garcin includes numbers 748113 to 748132 overprinted PAGADERO EN PUEBLA
  W8     Basagoiti includes number 749757CNBanxico #71262 overprinted PUEBLA
  L9     Lavie includes number 752458CNBanxico #71243 overprinted SAN LUIS POTOSI
  R9     Strück includes number 753215CNBanxico #10604 overprinted SAN LUIS POTOSI
  B9     Bermejillo includes numbers 754108 to 754981CNBanxico #71263 overprinted MAZATLAN
  M9     P. Macedo includes number 756755CNBanxico #10618 overprinted ZACATECAS 
  E9     J. Escandón includes number 757955CNBanxico #71261 overprinted ZACATECAS   
  W9     Basagoiti includes number 759025CNBanxico #10597 overprinted MONTERREY  
  K10     Camacho includes number 761606CNBanxico #10579 overprinted CHIHUAHUA 
  L10     Lavie includes number 762723CNBanxico #10605 overprinted TABASCO  
  B10     Bermejilllo includes number 764348CNBanxico #10606 overprinted TAMPICO
  G10     García includes number 768671CNBanxico #10617 overprinted VERACRUZ  
          known overprinted Pagadero en Colima
                known overprinted Cordoba
                known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Guadalajara
                known overprinted Hermosillo, Son.
                known overprinted Saltillo
  1 December 1902 M4 S7     Sauto Salas       Nuñez    Baranda        includes number 775847CNBanxico #71216
  E10     J. Escandón includes number 807418CNBanxico #71208
  G10     Garcin inclues number 808892
  K11     Camacho includes number 811801CNBanxico #71206
  S11     Sauto includes number 815041CNBanxico #71217
  G11     Garcin includes number 818573CNBanxico #71214
  O12     Ortiz includes number 820384CNBanxico #71210
  R12     Strück includes number 823462CNBanxico #71212
  L13     Lavie includes number 832179CNBanxico #71034 overprinted TORREON
  R13     Strück includes numbers 833073 to  833672CNBanxico #10612 overprinted TORREON
  W13     Basagoiti includes number 839392CNBanxico #10588 overprinted GUAYMAS
  S14     Sauto includes number 845161CNBanxico #10592 overprinted LAGOS
        Lavie includes number 852439
  R15     Strück includes number 853134CNBanxico #10611 overprinted TOLUCA
  B15     Bermejillo includes numbers 854501CNBanxico #10574 to 854610CNBanxico #1762overprinted Aguascalientes
  K16     Camacho includes number 861587CNBanxico #71037 overprinted PACHUCA
  M16     P. Macedo includes number 866765CNBanxico #71213
  R17 873001 874000 Strück includes numbers 873549CNBanxico #71038 to 873977CNBanxico #10582 overprinted COLIMA
  B17 874001 875000 Bermejillo includes numbers 874082CNBanxico #71036 and 874462CNBanxico #1763 overprinted COLIMA 
  K18     Camacho includes number 881760CNBanxico #10599 overprinted PACHUCA  
  K19     Camacho includes number 891536CNBanxico #71207
  S19 895001 896000 Sauto includes number 895017CNBanxico #71205
  M19 896001 897000 P. Macedo includes number 896643CNBanxico #71215
  E19  897001 898000 J. Escandón includes number 897651CNBanxico #71035 overprinted TEZUITLAN 
    898001 899000    
    899001 900000    
  O20 900001   Ortiz includes number 900874CNBanxico #71218
  R20     Strück includes number 903807CNBanxico #71204
  B20     Bermejillo includes number 904392CNBanxico #10576 overprinted BRAVOS CHILPANCINGO
  M20     P. Macedo includes number 906442CNBanxico #71209
  G20     García includes number 908592CNBanxico #71211
  L21     Lavie includes number 912047 overprinted LAGOS
          known overprinted Queretaro
  1 August 1905 M5 Z        Salas  Rincon Gallardo  Chavero includes number 925094CNBanxico #71104
  B       includes number 926337CNBanxico #71125 overprinted AUTLAN
  L2     Lavie includes number 944305CNBanxico #10602 overprinted QUERETARO
  S2     Sauto includes numbers 949642CNBanxico #71103 to 949745CNBanxico #71108
  K       includes number 953873 overprinted CUERNAVACA
  S3     Sauto includes number 959461CNBanxico #10596 overprinted MONCLOVA
  S4     Sauto includes numbers 969414CNBanxico #1765 to 969454CNBanxico #10578 overprinted CIUDAD GUZMAN
  Z5     Limantour includes number 975668
  G7     García includes number 993186CNBanxico #10615 overprinted URUAPAN
  B8     Barcena includes number 1006728CNBanxico #10593 overprinted LA PIEDAD
  H8     Gavito includes number 1008793 overprinted SAN ANDRES TUXTLA
  S8     Sauto includes number 1009382CNBanxico #10603 overprinted SAN ANDRES TUXTLA
  R9     Strück includes number 1011998CNBanxico #10558
  N9     Nuñez includes numbers 1012549CNBanxico #71116 to 1012936CNBanxico #71111
  L10     Lavie includes number 1024643
  N11     Nuñez   includes numbers 1032863CNBanxico #71110 to 1032919CNBanxico #71115
  L11     Lavie includes number 1034791CNBanxico #10581 overprinted CIUDAD JUAREZ
  B11       includes number 1036508CNBanxico #71246 overprinted CIUDAD VICTORIA
  M11     P. Macedo includes number 1037079CNBanxico #71122 to 1037922CNBanxico #10580 overprinted CIUDAD VICTORIA
  S12     Sauto includes number 1049272CNBanxico #10614 overprinted TUXTLA GUTIERREZ
  K13     Camacho includes number 1050914CNBanxico #71114
  R13     Strück includes number 1051094CNBanxico #10584 overprinted CUERNAVACA
  G13       includes numbers 1053429CNBanxico #71117 to 1053520CNBanxico #71109
  M13     P. Macedo includes numbers 1057375CNBanxico #10609 to 1057570CNBanxico #71245 overprinted TEPIC
  S13     Sauto includes number 1059559CNBanxico #71105
  K14     Camacho includes number 1060692 overprinted CUERNAVACA
  M14     P. Macedo includes number 1067483
  N15       includes number 1072949CNBanxico #71102
  L15     Lavie includes number 1074575CNBanxico #71100
  R17     Strück includes number 1091456CNBanxico #105894 overprinted Hermosillo
  L17     Lavie includes number 1094183CNBanxico #71112
  N19       includes number 1112889 CNBanxico #71101
  G19       includes number 1113991CNBanxico #71121 overprinted TUXTLA GUTIERREZ
  B19       includes number 1116248CNBanxico #71113  
  R20     Strück includes numbers 1121197CNBanxico #1764 to 1121661CNBanxico #71124overprinted AUTLAN
  L20     Lavie includes number 1124022CNBanxico #71107
  H21     Gavito includes number 1138086CNBanxico #10575 overprinted AUTLAN
  K23     Camacho includes number 1150233CNBanxico #71118
  H23       includes number 1158446CNBanxico #71106
  N24       includes number 1162862CNBanxico #71123 to 1162899 overprinted AUTLAN
          known overprinted Rio Verde