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The $1 note of the Banco de Morelos

When Huerta permitted banks to issue $1 and $2 notes the Banco de Morelos arranged for the Mexico City printer, Eduardo I. Aguilar, to produce $1 notes.

Morelos 1 000000

Morelos 1 reverse

These were never delivered and were discovered, packed away in wooden crates, when the Constitutionalist authorities took over Aguilar’s printshop in September 1914 and José Campero carried out an inventory. The notes and plates were taken awayThe Mexican Herald, 29 September 1914. Apparently there were 1,200,000 Banco de Morelos notes El Liberal, Tomo I, Núm. 43, 29 September 1914.

The portrait on the face is of José María Morelos and the building on the reverse is the Palacio de Cortés, the seat of government in Cuernavaca.

Palacio de Cortes

The printed signatures are:

Juan Nepomuceno Carreón was originally from Chihuahua, and became manager in 1905.

Surprisingly, on 2 June 1911 he accepted the post of provisional governor of Morelos from Zapata as he had sympathised with the revolution as a patriotic duty ARD, 4, 17, 63 letter Carreón to Robles Domingúez, 31 May 1911.

sig Carreon

Fernando Güemes

Güemes was elected to the Cuernavaca town council on 27 November 1910Semanario Oficial, 17 December 1910 and again in December 1913El Imparcial, 12 December 1913.

sig Guernes
[identification needed] sig


Notes are known with series and serial numbers, which raises the question of if, when and how many were ever issued.

Morelos 1 D8 745098

Date of issue Date on note Series from to total
  31 July 1914  D 8         includes number 745098