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50c notes of the Gobierno Preconstitucional del Estado

The Carrancista División 21 attacked from the Istmus to take the state capital, which it achieved at the beginning of March 1916. Governor José Inés Dávila evacuated Oazaca and established his capital in Tlaxiaco and Carranza named José Agustín Castro as gobernador preconstitucional, so that there were two governors in the state.

On 1 April, in decree núm, 36, Castro authorised an issue of $100,000 in vales of 50c and $25,000 in vales of 20c to combat the shortage of small change.On 27 May, by decree núm. 50, he increased the total to $1,000,000, comprised of the following:

  number total
5c 1,000,000 $     50,000
10c 1,500,000 150,000
20c 1,000,000 200,000
50c 1,200,000 600,000

Only the 50c is known to exist.

Preconstitucional 50c small

Preconstitucional 50c small reverse

Preconstitucional 50c large

Preconstitucional 50c large reverse

Preconstitucional 50c A 68846

Preconstitucional 50c A 68846 reverse

  Series from to total
50c           number in black
includes number 004229CNBanxico #5797 to 034908CNBanxico #5796
  A         number in red
includes number 8524CNBanxico #5795 to 108476CNBanxico #11806