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1915 50c note

dos 50c AA 97618

dos 50c AA 97618 reverse

The blue and white 50c note is an ‘artist’s representation’ of the earlier 50c note, issued in August to October 1915, presumably because supplies of the original note had been exhausted. The series number run from L-1 to L-28 (L for fifty?) and control letters from A-MA to Z-AM and then AA-AM, BB-AM, CC-AM. In general date, series and control letter form a consistent sequence and the anomalies can be explained by printing errors, e.g. for the first two days of September the printer did not alter the month on the date stamp whereas on 30 September he accidentally moved it on or O AM for P AM. All notes also have a reference 5 M ES.

dos 50c AA 71743 reverse

The first series (L-1) used a scalloped seal for a group of notes with serial numbers in the 71000s From a study of a wad of notes supplied by Angel Fregoso: round seal to 71500, scalloped seal 71701-71983, round seal 74058 onwards.

Date Series  
8-1-15 MAN L-1 A-MA with round seal
with scalloped seal
8-2-15 M.A.N.-19-D L-2 B-MA  
8-3-15 L.S.A. -7-26S L-3 C-MA  
8-4-15 L.S.A. L-4 D-MA  
8-10-15 LSA-B L-5 E-MA  
8-12-15 B-ASL L-6 F-MA  
8-13-15 B AL L-7 G-MA  
8-14-15 F-3-B.V.D.-S L-8 H-MA  
8-27-15 BVD-7-M L-9 I-AM  
8 1 15 BV 7 M S L-10 J-AM  
8 2 15 7 M S L-11 K-AM  
9 3 15 7MS O L-12 L-AM  
9 5 15 M.L.P L-13 M-AM  
9 7 15 M. A. X L-14 N-AM  
9 8 15 MAX. L-15 O AM  
9 9 15 XAM. L-16 P AM and error O AM
9 10 15 XAM. 9 L-17 Q AM  
9 11 15 X M. L-18 R AM  
9 14 15 EMM A L-19 S AM  
9 18 15 SAR A L-20 T-AM  
9 23 15 F.G B L-21 U-AM  
9 27 15 WIL I L-22 V-AM  
10 30 15 WIL J L-23 X-AM  
10 1o 15 WIL L L-24 Y-AM  
10 4 15 PERO N L-25 Z-AM  
10 7 15 SOLD K L-26 AA-AM  
10 12 15 HMP O L-27 BB- AM  
10 12 15 COM A L-28 CC AM  


An interesting anomaly is some notes with the code L-0, which are out of sequence for date and code and have the reference R D L with a numeral in place of 5 M ES.

dos 50c AA 1765

dos 50c AA 1765 reverse

dos 50c AA 1815

dos 50c AA 1815 reverse

Date Series  
9 11 15 U N I C L-0 F-MA R D L 6
9 10 15 U N I C L-0 G-MA R D L 7
9 11 15 U N I C L-0 M-AM R D L 13
9 14 15 U N I C L-0 O-AM R D L 17


Huston Pearson has pointed out that all these L-0 notes have low serial numbers, below 2000, compared to the 'normal' run. He has also recorded the following note which might have been a printing error (L- for L-8) except that it also has a low serial number.

dos 50c AA 1645

dos 50c AA 1645 reverse

Date Series  
8-14-15 F-3-BVD-S L- H-MA