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In his memoirs Gringo RebelIvor Thord-Gray, Gringo Rebel: Mexico, 1913-1914, Ivor Thord-Gray wrote that in March 1914 a sergeant, sent to Rosario to recruit for the cavalry, raised 300 men, promoted himself to general, and began to issue paper currency. Thord-Gray’s party surprised him at a drunken fiesta and he was later knifed to death under the ley fuga. Thord-Gray writes:
“Almost everyone in his party produced paper money in denominations of fifty and 100 pesos each, signed by this harum-scarum “general,” amounting to 17,000 pesos. It was amusing as well as tragic to see these bilimbiques, as they were written on sections of toilet paper. As the men seemed quite concerned over this so-called money, I promised to intercede on their behalf with General Blanco."

To what does this refer?