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Counterfeit $5 dos caritas Type 2

dos 5 C no number

dos 5 C no number reverse

These obvious counterfeits are known as remainders, and also as issued notes. They are Series C and have the following main characteristics, some caused by the desire of the counterfeiters to correct ‘anomalies’ in the original plates and make the design symmetrical, and were printed in an intenser red, which makes them attractive to collectors.



Chao's signature printed as part of design


Chao's signature different, with space between curls of 'M' and 'C'


'Estado' banner touching portraits


'Estado' banner further from portraits


shadow of top serif of 'E' of 'ESTADO'


no shadow


Madero portrait Type 2


Madero portrait Type 5 with lighter nose, more defined features


González portrait Type 2


González portrait Type 5 with whiter forehead, stronger eyes, eyebrows and moustache, more defined collar


right hand arrows points right


right hand arrows point left


top border on face is askew, and has traces of stars


top border is centred, without traces of stars in centre


top border on reverse is askew


top border is centred



different format in clouds behind Palace

 5denom type1

shield flows

 5denom type 3

shield breaks


These are listed in a notice published in Baja CaliforniaABCS, Gobernación, vol. 642, exp. 150 with the following characteristics:


small star (estellita) is separated from the border or upper frame 

Star is attached to border or upper frame


the vertex of the first upper right triangle, is inward


under the Roman number V, the false ones have five white points

the bottom valance has thirty-two undulations


On reverse In the number 5 in upper right corner, a silk thread crosses the number

No silk thread

These are known with black Tesorería seal and control A-XIICM.