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Commercial concerns (central Michoacán)

Michoacan commercial central


In March 1914 because of the lack of small change local businesses resorted to a series of typewritten notes, on paper of different colours, for 5c, 25c, 50c and $1, with the stamp of three of the principal casas comerciales. These were reissued every fortnightEl Diario, 6 March 1914.


La Bahia de Veracruz

Bahia de Veracruz 10c

Bahia de Veracruz 10c reverse

This grocery, run by Alfredo Martínez P., issued notes in May 1915.

La Casa Buitron

Buitron 2c

Buitron 10c

Buitron 20c Buitron 50c reverse

  series date on note from to total
2c A 30 May 1915          
5c B            
10c C            
20c D 30 May 1915          
50c E 19 May 1915          


La Casa Buitron appears to have been a hardware store (ferretería) in the calle Zaragoza, run at some time by a señor Leal.

José Buitron had a printshop, tipografia J. Buitron, situated in the plaza principal, that as well as these notes (judging from their multicoloured appearance) also printed the notes for the Hacienda de Tepenahua y Anexas.


La Confianza

La Confianza 1cCayetano Gutiérrez

Taximaroa/Villa Hidalgo

Taximaroa (then Villa Hidalgo and now Ciudad Hidalgo)

Victor Barajas

In 1903 Victor Barajas is listed in charge of a wholesale grocery store (almacén de abarrotes nacionales y extranjeros). He served as a regidor in 1905.

Barajas 1c

The 1c note numbered 7427 is dated 20 December 1914.

  from to total
1c         includes numbers 1075CNBanxico #11584 to 7427

Lamberto Barajas

Barajas 20c

The 20c note numbered 1061 is dated 3 February 1915.

  from to total
20c         includes numbers 1061 to 1747CNBanxico #11585

E. Alanis Sucesores & Cía.

Alanis 10c

Alanis 10c reverse

  from to total
10c         includes numbers 1966CNBanxico #11586 to 6297

Maximo Martínez

Martinez 2c 2

Martinez 2c 2 reverse

Martinez 2c 1

Martinez 2c 1 reverse

  from to total
2c         number horizontal
includes numbers 3051 to 5164CNBanxico #11587
        number vertical
includes number 4074


Eligio Daza

Daza 10c

Daza 20c

Enrique Chávez Barragán

Barragan 50cParácuaro

"El Cambio Mercantil"

Cambio Mercantil 10cFortino V. Ramirez

"La Guadalupe" Molino de Arroz

La Guadalupe 50c

This note was dated 24 June 1916 and was redeemable in infalsificable from July to September, either in Parácuaro or in Uruapan, and as such is on a par with similar issues from Uruapan, Fernández y Cía., Hurtado y Cía. and La Camelia.  it was signed by [                   ][identification needed] on behalf of the casa Francisco Farías.

  sig la Guadalupe


Tacambaro 3c

Tacambaro 3c reverse

Unknown origin

Leopoldo Guido

Leopoldo Guido 1c