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Banco de la Laguna drawn on the Banco Minero

Laguna on Minero 5

Laguna on Minero 5 reverse

Later numbers had an overprint 'Bueno solamente con el sello del Banco y la firma facsimil del Subgerente' and the additional signature of Mauro de la Peña.

Banco Minero 10 8392

Banco Minero 10 8392 reverse

Laguna on Minero 10

Laguna on Minero 10 reverse

Laguna on Minero 20 1

Laguna on MInero 20 1 reverse

A variety has "Sucursal en Gómez Palacio' in a different typeface

Laguna on Minero 20 2 FALSO

Laguna on Minero 50

Laguna on Minero 50 reverse

These are known overprinted 'FALSO' but this does not signify counterfeit but rather invalid.

Laguna on Minero 10 FALSO

Laguna on Minero 20 1 FALSO

Date on note Denom Series from to total
7 October 1913  $5 A         includes numbers 2343 to 6620CNBanxico #136
        with overprint 'Bueno solamente con el sello del Banco y la firma facsimil del Subgerente'
includes number 8392CNBanxico #136
$10 A         includes numbers 710 to 4358
$20 A         large 'Sucursal en Gómez Palacio'
includes numbers 547 to 5393
includes numbers 136  to 9556
$50 A         includes numbers 1580 to 1663


According to a newspaper article thirty years later in October 1913 the Banco de la Laguna issued $300,000 in cheques drawn on the Banco MineroEl Siglo de Torreón,11 October 1943.

Again the signatories are:

Ignacio Amador sig Blanquier
Jesús Briones sig Briones
Antonio Rangel sig Rangel


However, we have a report of counterfeit $20 notes. On 11 April 1914 the Juez Primero del Ramo Penal in Durango issued a notice that someone had taken 35 such notes, signed by Ignacio Amador and Jesús Briones, from his office, and warned that anyone found with them would be consigned to the authorities¡Patria Libre!, Tomo II, Núm. 45, 14 April 1914 and subsequent issues: El Demócrata, Segunda Época, Tomo II, Núm.89, 15 April 1914; La Unión Liberal, Tomo I, Núm. 14, 18 March 1914; Restauración, Durango, Tomo I, Núm. 11, 18 April 1914.