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$20 notes of the Banco Nacional de México (1885-1905)

(To date I have not expended much energy on reconstructing the tables for the Banco Nacional de México because in the archives of the Banco de  México is a register Actas de Emisión No 1 which records, over 299 pages, 145 meetings of the board from 25 August 1885 to 30 April 1918. These includes 126 lists of dates of issues, covering 51 different dates from 1 January 1885 to 11 December 1913José Antonio Bátiz Vázquez, "Los Billetes de Banamex", in El Boletín Numismático, vol. 183, April-June 1999. I hope that one day I will be able to summarise this record.)


Banco Nacional 20 113924

Banco Nacional 20 113924 reverse

Date issued Date on note Serie Serie from to Consejero Cajero Interventor Interventor comment
26 August 1885 1 January 1885 CH   1 1500   Usandiraga Romero Rubio Zenteno 1,500 notes for Chihuahua
27 August 1885 G   1501 3500   2,000 notes for Guadalajara
28 August 1885   L   3501 5450   1,950 notes for San Luis Potosí
G    5451     1,450 notes for Guanajuato
N     Martín includes 06604 overprinted PAGADERO EN GUANAJUATO and needleprinted
M    6901 8850   1,950 notes for Mérida
30 August 1885 V   8851 17100   8,250 notes for Veracruz
31 August 1885 P   17101 21100   4,000 notes for Puebla
  M2    21101     24,900 notes
  S2     Stein includes number 39579CNBanxico #10619 
  V C2     Cuevas includes number 45667 overprinted PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ and needlepunched VERACRUZ
  1 June 1886                  
  1 January 1887 M2 Z3       Usandizaga Romero Rubio  Zenteno  includes number 57096
  P A3     Arena includes number 58366CNBanxico #10647 overprinted PUEBLA
  1 May 1889 M3 K     Camacho Usandizaga Romero Rubio Zenteno includes number 63038CNBanxico #10642 overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Mazatlan
  G2 C4     Cuevas includes number 69647CNBanxico #10639 overprinted Guanajuato
            known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Guadalajara
  4 June 1889                 known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Merida
  1 August 1890                 known overprinted Oaxaca
  M2 E6             includes number 97155
  15 October 1890                 known overprinted and needleprinted Durango
  1 December 1890 D B5     Bermejillo Uzandizaga Romero Rubio Zenteno includes number 80305CNBanxico #1766 overprinted DURANGO
D2     Cortina includes number 96733CNBanxico #71382
  G5     Gargollo known with large red V
  P5     de Prida  
  C6     Cuevas  
  E6     A. Escandón  
          known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Guadalajara 
          known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Zacatecas
  1 March 1893                  
  26 July 1897 M L1     Lavie Escobedo Zenteno Nuñez   includes number 113924
  K2     Camacho includes number 127651CNBanxico #10620
          known overprinted Nuevo Laredo
  1 July 1901 M2
O1     Ortiz Pereda
de León
Nuñez   includes number 135156CNBanxico #71383
  E1       includes number 142743
  B2 149001   Bermejillo includes number 149029CNBanxico #71384
    150000 includes number 149973CNBanxico #10646 overprinted NUEVO LAREDO
  C2     del Collada includes number 151442CNBanxico #10621
          known overprinted Aguascalientes
  1 April 1902 M3      
B4     Bermejillo  Salas      Baranda
 Nuñez      includes number 164003CNBanxico #10635 overprinted COLIMA
  G3     García includes number 168831CNBanxico #10650 overprinted SAN LUIS POTOSI
  O5     Ortiz includes number 170382CNBanxico #10658 overprinted ZACATECAS
  K5     Camacho includes number 171034CNBanxico #10645 overprinted MONTERREY
  L5     Lavie includes number 172933CNBanxico #10633 overprinted CHIHUAHUA
  B5     Bermejillo includes number 174655CNBanxico #10651 overprinted TAMPICO
  M4     P. Macedo includes number 176428CNBanxico #10643 overprinted MERIDA
  G4     García includes number 178038CNBanxico #10657 overprinted PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ
  W4     Basagoiti includes number 179678 overprinted PAGADEO EN VERACRUZ
  O6     Ortiz includes number 180912CNBanxico #71381
  B6     Bermejillo  includes number 184491
          known overprinted PAGADERO EN GUADALAJARA
          known overprinted Mazatlan
          known overprinted Puebla
          known overprinted Saltillo
          known overprinted Tabasco
  1 December 1902 M4   O5     Ortiz Salas
Baranda  Nuñez  includes number 185026
  L5     Lavrie includes number 187198CNBanxico #10636 overprinted COLIMA
  S4     Sauto includes number 190695CNBanxico #71389
  G4     García includes number 193659CNBanxico #71392 overprinted TOLUCA
  O6     Ortiz includes number 195494CNBanxico #71390
  R6     Strück includes number 198663CNBanxico #10640 ovderprinted GUAYMAS
  M5     P. Macedo includes numbers 201063CNBanxico #71391 and 201810CNBanxico #71388
  G6     García includes number 208847CNBanxico #10654 overprinted TORREON
          known overprinted Bravos
          known overprinted Morelia
  1 August 1905 M5      R     Strück Salas Rincon Gallardo Chavero includes numbers 211942CNBanxico #10649 to 211950 overprinted S. ANDRES TUXTLA
  G3     Garcin includes number 213313CNBanxico #71368
  Z       includes number 215485
  G1     Garcin  includes number 223021
  L1     Lavie includes number 224346CNBanxico #71362 overprinted AUTLAN
  R2     Strück includes number 231710CNBanxico #10656 overprinted  TUXTLA GUTIERREZ
  L2     Lavie includes number 234144CNBanxico #71372
  Z2     Limantour includes number 235596CNBanxico #71376
  B2     Bárcena includes number 236821CNBanxico #71373
  H2       includes number 238014
  N4     Nuñez includes number 252873CNBanxico #10632 overprinted CIUDAD GUZMAN
  G5     García includes number 263489CNBanxico #10641 overprinted LA PIEDAD
  Z5     Limantour includes number 265504CNBanxico #10648 overprinted RIO VERDE
  B5     Bárcena includes number 266388CNBanxico #10634 overprinted CIUDAD VICTORIA
  M5     P. Machedo includes number 267391 overprinted C. HUAREZ
  R6     Strück includes number 271202CNBanxico #71366
  B6     Bárcena includes number 276357CNBanxico #10630 overprinted AUTLAN
  M6     P. Macedo includes numbers  277139CNBanxico #71361 and 277246
  H6     Gavito includes number 278949CNBanxico #71371
  Z7     Limantour includes number 285236CNBanxico #71361 overprinted PURUANDIRO
  B7     Bárcena includes number 286775CNBanxico #71369
  S7       includes number 289339
  R8       includes number 291251CNBanxico #71374
  N8     Nuñez includes number 292576CNBanxico #10638 overprinted CUERNAVACA
  K9     Camacho includes number 300871CNBanxico #71363 overprinted AUTLAN
  Z9     Limantour includes numbers 305293 to 305668CNBanxico #10644 overprinted MONCLOVA COAH
  K10     Camacho includes number 310557
  N10     Nuñez includes numbers 312304CNBanxico #71370 to 312969CNBanxico #71367
  H10     Gavito includes number 318236CNBanxico #71375
  N11     Nuñez includes number 322698CNBanxico #71365
  B11     Bárcena includes number 326836CNBanxico #10652 overprinted TEPIC
          known overprinted Ciudad Juarez
          known overprinted Queretaro
          known overprinted Uruapan, Mich.