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Early issues of scrip

Morelos haciendasHacienda de Tenextepango

Hacienda de Tenextepango

This hacienda in Ayala, the property of Isidoro de la Torre y Goríbar and dedicated to the production of sugar, was considered the most productive in the state of Morelos.

Tenextepango 1r

Tenextepango 2r

Tenextepango 4r

A series of four values (1 real, 2 and 4 reales) from the 1840s turned up recently. These were printed together on a single sheet.

Tenextepango sheet

Hacienda de San Gabriel

This hacienda is situated in Amacuzac. In 1880 some workers from this hacienda complained to the editor of El Aldeano that they were paid with paper (boletos, papel-moneda) which they could only spend within the haciendaEl Libre Sufragio, Mexico City, 1a Epoca, Núm. 48, 9 January 1880.

Both these ex-haciendas are available for weddings.