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$50 notes of the Banco Nacional de México

(To date I have not expended much energy on reconstructing the tables for the Banco Nacional de México because in the archives of the Banco de  México is a register Actas de Emisión No 1 which records, over 299 pages, 145 meetings of the board from 25 August 1885 to 30 April 1918. These includes 126 lists of dates of issues, covering 51 different dates from 1 January 1885 to 11 December 1913José Antonio Bátiz Vázquez, "Los Billetes de Banamex", in El Boletín Numismático, vol. 183, April-June 1999. I hope that one day I will be able to summarise this record.)

Banco Nacional 50c modelo

This mock-up, entitled 'Modelo de los Billetes del Banco Nacional de México'image among Dick Long's notes with annotation 'AGarcia Nov 77', is remarkably prescient of the final note. The portrait of Manuelita Garcia Terruel is prefigured as a 'Busto de un tipo de Belleza Mexicana (Bust of a type of Mexican Beauty)'.

Nacional 50 A1 343815

Nacional 50 JU 323599 reverse

The vignette is of the goddess Filia, or friendship.

Date issued Date on note Serie Serie from to Consejero Cajero Interventor Interventor comment
26 August 1885 1 January 1885 CH  Y 00001 00400 Ibañez  Usandizaga  Romero Rubio
Zentano  for Chihuahua
27 August 1885 G   00401 01800   1,400 notes for Guadalajara
28 August 1885
L   01801 02900   1,100 notes for San Luis Potosí
G2   02901 04500   1,600 notes for Guanajuato
M   04501 05500   1,000 notes for Mérida but cf. number 04921
          number 04921 overprinted PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ and needleprinted VERACRUZ
30 August 1885 V   05501 08400   2,900 notes for Veracruz, overprinted PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ and needleprinted VERACRUZ
31 August 1885 P   08401 10100   1,700 notes for Puebla
  M2   10101      
  A2     Arena includes number 265909CNBanxico #10659
  1 January 1887 M2                
  1 January 1888                 known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Oaxaca
  1 May 1889                 known overprinted Pagadero en Merida
  1 August 1890 M4               known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Monterrey
  15 October 1890                 known overprinted and needleprinted Pagadero en Monterrey
  1 December 1890 G7 D     Gargollo Usandiraga   Romero Rubio Zenteno includes number 52567 overprinted PAGADERO EN DURANGO and needleprinted DURANGO
  O3 D       includes number 58852
  M2 D8     Cortina includes number 67889CNBanxico #10660
            known overprinted and needleprinted Puebla
            known overprinted and needleprinted Zacatecas
  26 July 1897 M2 V2     del Collado Pereda Escobedo Nuñez   includes numbers 81050CNBanxico #10661 to 81057CNBanxico #71483 
  G4     Gargollo includes number 87580
  L3     Lavie includes number 90008
  L4     Lavie includes number 91617CNBanxico #71484
  1 July 1901 M2 E2       Salas Ponce de León   Nuñez  includes number 95480CNBanxico #71418 
  E3     P. Escandón includes number 96016
  F1     Friederichs includes number 97538
  B1       includes number 100112CNBanxico #10674 
          known overprinted Pagadero en Guadalajara
          known overprinted Pagadero en Mazatlan
          known overprinted and needleprinted Puebla
          known overprinted Pagadero en Tabasco
          known overprinted and needleprinted Zacatecas
  1 April 1902 M3    K2     Camacho Salas Baranda Nuñez includes number 102058CNBanxico #71505 to 102884CNBanxico #71507{/footnote
  W2     Basagoiti includes number 104650CNBanxico #71506
  B2     Bermijillo includes number 105023CNBanxico #71497  overprinted MONTERREY
      includes numbers 105546CNBanxico #10671 to 105579CNBanxico #71496 overprinted Pagadero en Chihuahua
      includes number 105657CNBanxico #10677 overprinted Pagadero en Tabasco
  G2      García includes numbers 107297CNBanxico #71498 to 107448CNBanxico #10673 overprinted Merida
  M2     P. Macedo includes numbers 109794CNBanxico #10678 to 109908CNBanxico #71626 overprinted PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ
  1 December 1902 M4        L3     Lavie Salas Baranda
includes number 114534CNBanxico #71482  overprinted GUAYMAS
  E5     J. Escandon includes numbers 116187CNBanxico #71479 to 11316CNBanxico #71480 overprinted TOLUCA
  S3     Sauto includes numbers 118841CNBanxico #71416 to 118922
  M3     P. Macedo includes number 119780CNBanxico #71481 overprinted QUERETARO
  O3     Ortiz includes number 121109CNBanxico #71417
      includes numbers 121549 to 121975CNBanxico #10675 overprinted SAN ANDRES TUXTLA
          known overprinted Aguascalientes
          known overprinted Colima
          known overprinted Cuernavaca
          known overprinted Torreon
  1 August 1905 M5     K     Camacho Salas Rincon Gallardo Chavero includes number 122314CNBanxico #10672  overprinted CUERNAVACA
      includes number 122796
  G     García includes number 125824CNBanxico #10676 overprinted TUXTLA GUTIERREZ
  Z     Limantour includes numbers 127464CNBanxico #71478 to 127955CNBanxico #71477 
  H     Romano Gavito includes number 130554
          known overprinted C. Juarez
          known overprinted Puruándiro
  1 January 1908 M K     Camacho Salas Rincon Gallardo Mancera includes number 132829CNBanxico #71495  
  S     Scherer includes number 139251CNBanxico #71492 
  O     Otto includes number 140293CNBanxico #10662 
  R       includes number 142401CNBanxico #71494 
  P     Pugibet includes number 143411CNBanxico #71491 
  K1     Camacho includes number 144722CNBanxico #71490 
  H1     Romano Gavito includes number 147296
  1 September 1909 M K     Camacho Salas Rincon Gallardo Mancera includes number 152641
  M     P. Macedo includes number 156626CNBanxico #71469 
  N     Nuñez includes number 158358CNBanxico #10663
  Z     Limantour includes number 165825CNBanxico #71468
  O     Otto includes number 167789CNBanxico #71467
  S     Sauto includes number 170500
  1 March 1910 M1 E1     P. Escandon Salas Rincon Gallardo Mancera known overprinted Sombrerete
  K1     Camacho includes number 175787
  M1     P. Macedo includes numbers 178800CNBanxico #71413 to 183022CNBanxico #71409
  W1     Elguero includes number 187532CNBanxico #71411 to 189384CNBanxico #1741
  N1     Nuñez includes numbers 192431CNBanxico #71399 to 195704
  G1     García includes numbers 199202CNBanxico #71402 to 201500CNBanxico #71400
  E1     P. Escandón includes number 207619
  O1     Otto includes numbers 212556CNBanxico #71405 to 212990CNBanxico #71401
  H1     Scherer includes numbers 214112CNBanxico #71415 to 218988CNBanxico #71412
  S1     Sauto includes numbers 221648CNBanxico #71403 to 224765
  1 March 1911 N A     Arellano Uhink Rinco Gallardo Mancera includes number 239014
  B     Brown includes number 241595CNBanxico #7216
  E     Elguero includes number 246041
  D     P. Escandon includes number 247553
  F     Friederichs includes number 251985
  O     Otta includes number 259797
  J     Signoret includes number 265634 to  265964CNBanxico #1742
  S     Scherer includes number 269256
          known overprinted Cordoba
  15 October 1912 O A     Arellano Uhink     includes numbers 279316CNBanxico #71500 to  279658CNBanxico #71499
  B     Brown includes number 281101CNBanxico #71501
  E     Elguero includes number 282004CNBanxico #71502
  F     Friederichs includes number 285426CNBanxico #10666
  S     Scherer includes number 292846CNBanxico #71503
  Z     Limantour includes number 295384CNBanxico #71504
  21 June 1913 AE GH     P. Macedo  Uhink de Teresa   includes number 302018CNBanxico #71464 to 302963CNBanxico #71465
  SM OP     Scherer includes number 303110CNBanxico #71459
  AD QT       includes number 304965CNBanxico #71466
  LT SH     Friederichs includes number 306611CNBanxico #1740
  MO QT     Camacho includes numbers 307698CNBanxico #71462 to 307988CNBanxico #71461
  NO OS       includes number 308668CNBanxico #71460
  BC UF       includes number 309701CNBanxico #71463
  ZF FU       includes number 311697
  1 August 1913  JU NT     Machedo Uhink      
  ST ST       includes numbers 316079CNBanxico #71474 to 316652CNBanxico #71475
  OD OO     Friederichs includes number 317519CNBanxico #71471
  OL PN     M. Macedo includes number 318015CNBanxico #71472
  OQ GO     Signoret includes number 319215CNBanxico #71473
  UE LF     Friederichs includes number 320883CNBanxico #71476
  AL KP     Elguero includes number 324482CNBanxico #71470
  25 August 1913 NE AR 325001 330000 Camacho Uhink     includes numbers 326053CNBanxico #71432 to 327023CNBanxico #71433
  OM YS  330001   P. Machedo includes numbers 330413CNBanxico #71439 to 331061CNBanxico #10668 
  PE CO     Arellano includes numbers 332373CNBanxico #71486 to 333828CNBanxico #71485
  ER SB     Friederichs includes number 338981CNBanxico #71425
  OA AI       includes numbers 342055CNBanxico #71435 to 343638CNBanxico #71436
  CH VR     M. Machedo includes numbers 344506CNBanxico #71420 to 346230CNBanxico #71419
  MA RE     Mancera includes numbers 348194CNBanxico #71429 to 349867CNBanxico #71427
  RP NA       includes numbers 351011CNBanxico #71489 to 351014CNBanxico #71488
  5 November 1913   FM JD     Otto Uhink   de la Cueva   Fernández Imas   includes number 354605CNBanxico #71451 
  RM LB       includes number 355149CNBanxico #71442 
  VH IK     M. Macedo includes number 360851CNBanxico #71440 
  JA PL     Mancera includes number 363512CNBanxico #71449 to 363702CNBanxico #71448{/footnote
  GM JB     Camacho includes number 366181CNBanxico #71450 
  UI SL       includes number 368493CNBanxico #71441 
  JA PL     Elguero includes number 370213CNBanxico #71447 
  NA AI     Camacho includes number 374666CNBanxico #10669 
  GR BA     Signoret includes number 375476
  LI DY     Friederichs includes number 377217CNBanxico #71445 
  AA EA       includes number 378914CNBanxico #71458
  NM SY     Arellano includes number 379920CNBanxico #71444 
  LI PO       includes number 380286CNBanxico #71446 
  AE UR     Mancera includes number 381709CNBanxico #71457
  OR DA     Otta includes number 384727 
  RA EI       includes number 385083CNBanxico #71443
  AS CE     Signoret includes numbers 386113CNBanxico #71453 to 386169CNBanxico #71454
  AG JA     Elguero includes numbers 394722CNBanxico #71455 to 394483CNBanxico #71456
  CH AS     Signoret includes number 397617CNBanxico #71452
                    overprinted BILLETE SIN VALOR on reverse
includes number 477984
        479001 502000         shipped via S.S. Monterey on 19 February 1914ABNC, letter to Charles Blackmore, Resident Agent, Mexico City, 3 April 1916


Banco Nacional 50 477921

Banco Nacional 50 477921 reverse