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Counterfeit $10 Veracruz notes

Counterfeit Veracruz $10 notes – Type 1

This is the first falsification listed in the 25 September notice.

  Thick and dark cotton paper
  The print is heavy and rough, which shows that it is was made from a photo-engraving, being more noticeable in the central landscape where the appearance of the sky is heavy and with short lines, the eagle is very black and the shades of the lake are very dark
  The clouds above Ixtaccihuatl (the left hand volcano) are larger and white, and the ones above Popocatepetl (the right hand volcano) have been retouched and can hardly be distinguished
  The cactus that touches the tail of the snake is a small black dot.
  The foliage of the lake is badly drawn and nearly black.
  The snow peaks are round and imperfect
  The ornament that is above the upper numeration below the word “MEXICO” is very rough and poorly drawn, and does not join the line below the ‘C’ in that word.
  The date, titles preceding the signatures and series are printed in a thicker type.
  The background is of a light sienna color and of a different design
  The numeration is of a dirty red color.
  On the reverse the four symbols with the number ‘10’ are further from the contour of the central design.
  The coin is very poorly engraved and the diagonal lines that shade it are uneven and ragged.
  No trace of the word “LIBERTAD” is to be found on the cap, and the form of the cap is different in outline, wrinkles and shading.
   The rays of the cap are retouched and poorly shaded.
  The Secretaria de Hacienda seal is printed with thinner letters and the concentric circles of white lines are more open and uneven.

Counterfeit Veracruz $10 notes – Type 2

This is the second falsification listed in the 25 September notice.

  The size of the design is two millimeters longer
  The note has been printed from a photo-engraving which in general presents a light aspect, especially in the central landscape, the lines and dots of the sky, mountains and water are short and weak.
  The ornament near the ‘G’ in the word “GOBIERNO” is joined to the line of the strip containing the legend “GOBIERNO PROVISIONAL DE MEXICO”
  The date reads ‘”Diciemere”
  The background is of a different design and is heavily printed in sienna ink.
  The ink of the numeration is of a dirty, dark red color
  On the reverse the symbol containing the ‘10’ in the upper left corner is too far away from the central design
  The coin image is very retouched, especially along the rays of the cap
  The cap is of a different contour and rounder at the top

Counterfeit Veracruz $10 notes – Type 3

This is the third falsification listed in the 25 September notice.

  Thick cotton paper.
  This reproduction from photo-engraving is very rough and it can clearly be seen that it is a copy of the $10 plate which was altered at the printing office, making the number ‘10’ which is twined with two $ signs smaller, as well as the ‘10’ in the upper right hand corner
  The print is so rough and dirty that it can easily be detected at first sight as a counterfeit, as the Patria and the central landscape are thick with ink and all the points and lines short and ragged
  The ornament that is over the right hand numeration and under the word “MEXICO” is incomplete and of a different design owing to having been retouched
  The background is of a different design and contour, as it does not come down to the face of Patria figure, as in the genuine notes, and is printed in sepia
  On the reverse the length of the central drawing, measured from point to point, is seven millimeters shorter, and therefore the four ‘10’s in the corners are too distant
  On the reverse the photo-engraving is very poor and all the lines are short and blurred
  The Secretaria de Hacienda seal is very badly done: all the small undulations of the contours are uneven and crooked.
  On the reverse the three small lines that are inside these undulations are small and of a different design, and the letters and concentric circles are wider, more so in the centre.

Counterfeit Veracruz $10 notes – Type 4



Main characteristic is that the design is fastened

Veracruz 10 C 592190

Veracruz 10 C 592190 reverse

In its notification the Jefatura de Hacienda in Puebla said that the second consignment that it had received from the Tesorería de la Federación was all of the $10 denomination. These well printed notes were easily distinguished from counterfeit ones, which were poorly printed, above all in the black inks.

Counterfeit Veracruz $10 notes – Type 5

This appeared in the north of the country. On 9 August 1915, Alejandro López, the Presidente Municipal of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, reported to the governor that some $10 notes had the point of the “i” and accent over “e” in Nicéforo’s signature and other did not, and that businesses were refusing the one or the other. He asked for adviceAMMat, Archivo General 1915, exp. 1470 minutas de comunicaciones marzo-agosto.

Then, on 24 September 1915 the Presidente Municipal of Monclova, Pedro v. Elizondo, issued a notice mentioning counterfeit $10 Veracruz notesAMMon, Fondo Presidencia Municipal, caja 414, Libro copiador de oficios, pag. 279. The forgery was very crude.

  Very crude and weaker print
  Zambrano’s signature lacks a point and accent
(el dibujo entre “DIEZ PESOS” y la G. de Gobierno Provisional de México está despegada á la línea) (el dibujo entre “DIEZ PESOS” y la G. de Gobierno Provisional de México está pegada á la línea)
  Black background to 'PROVISIONAL GOBIERNO DE MEXICO' less intense
On reverse the concentric circles of the seal are separated Circles are stuck together


GPV 10 A 2880639

GPV 10 A 2880639 reverse

This note, A 2880639CNBanxico #3108, has a '10' in the denomination guichette that has the ornamention of the small '10' but the size of the larger '10'.