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The Tesorería Muncipal of the district of Acámbaro produced various series of cartones and notes. The sequence is not known.

One series of cartones was:


Another series of cartones, with serial letters and numbers, was:

  Series from to total
2c A          
3c B         includes number 4677
4c C         includes numbers 2512 to 2895
5c D         includes numbers 1614 to 5674
10c E          
25c F         includes number 1280


The Tesorería Municipal also issued a series of notes printed by Tipografia Artistica, Acámbaro. The first(?) 2c note had no date.

The other notes were dated 5 May 1915.

Acambaro 20c 4

Acambaro 20c 4 reverse

Acambaro 50c 4

Acambaro 50c 4 reverse

  Date on note Series to from total
2c   A         includes numbers 673 to 3076CNBanxico #10985
5 May 1915         includes numbers 5168CNBanxico #10984 to 6696CNBanxico #4097
3c B         includes numbers 4069CNBanxico #4098 to 7323
5c C         includes numbers 3594CNBanxico #10987 to 8784CNBanxico #4099
10c D         includes numbers 2974CNBanxico #10988 to 7577
20c E         includes number 1784CNBanxico #4101
50c F         includes number 1351CNBanxico #10990


Finally, another 50c note had no series and was entitled ESTADO DE GUANAJUATO DISTRITO DE ACAMBARO


The District of Apaseo consists of the municipalities of Apaseo El Alto and Apaseo El Grande.

Apaseo was in the hands of Villistas until their defeat at Celaya in April 1915.

A series of four denominations (5c, 10c, 20c and 50c), dated 2 August 1915, only valid within the district.

  to from total
5c         includes numbers 22486 to 23925
10c         includes numbers 2876 to 20474
20c         includes numbers 2374 to 3386
50c         includes number 843