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The revalidados in other states

Michoacán – Pagaduria General

'Revalidado Decreto de 17 de Diciembre de 1914. Pagaduria General de la Columna de Operaciones, Michoacan'

This revalidation was a consequence of the 17 December decree.

José I. Prieto was named Governor and Jefe de Operaciones when the Villistas recaptured Morelia during the last days of February 1915. A decree of 4 March listed the sábanas amongst the notes of forced circulation without making any reference to resellos, whilst three days later another decreed that some local issues should be restampedPeriódico Oficial, 7 March 1915.

A notice on 10 March said that holders of the Monclova and Gobierno Provisional issues should take them to the office of the Pagaduría General de la Jefatura de Operaciones for revalidation by means of a resello on the reverse of each note. In the other administrative centres the notes were to be taken to the tax officesPeriódico Oficial, 14 March 1915. This arrangement was altered on 18 March as holders were to take them to the Pagaduría General de la Jefatura de Operaciones, Jefatura de Hacienda and Administración del Timbre to exchange them for notes of the state of ChihuahuaPeriódico Oficial, 21 March 1915. Presumably the Pagaduría General overstamped the notes before they issued them.

Estado de México

In April 1915 the sábanas were declared legal tender in Toluca, as long as they had been revalidated in accordance with the December decreeRodolfo Alanís Boyza, Historia de la Revolución en el Estado de Mexico, Toluca, 1987.

Nuevo Léon

In Monterrey the new Governor Raul Madero on 25 February 1915 issued decree núm. 3, that the Gobierno Provisional notes had to be revalidated as a prerequisite for being forced circulation and that the revalidation would take place in the Administración Principal de Timbre by means of a red stamp ‘Revalidado por orden del Departamento de Hacienda’ and the signatures of the Administrador and ContadorPeriódico Oficial, 5 March 1915. This put into effect the Convention’s decree of 17 December and so might have been extended to include the sábanas. However, Madero declared the Gobierno Provisional notes invalid on 31 March 1915 so the period for such restamping was very short.

Finally another revalidation possibly subsequent to the 17 December decree was:

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‘Revalidado’ with eagle at centre