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El Banco Nacional de México

On 13 May 1882 the local Congress empowered the government to authorise a bank in Sinaloa, to be called the Banco del Estado de Sinaloa. So governor Mariano Martínez de Castro began negotiations and on 18 January 1883 agreed a contract with the Banco Nacional Mexicano to set up a branch and agencies in the state. However, this came to nothing because of the banking crisis and the fact that the newly merged Banco Nacional de México prioritised other areas of the country.

The Banco Nacional de México was finally established in the state in 1889 with a branch in the port of Mazatlán, situated on the corner of Constitución and Olas Altas, under its manager, Antonio Pratts. For ten years it was the only one offering credit in the region until the Banco Occidental de México and the branch of the Banco de Londres y México appeared on the scene.