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State and municipal issues

Tlaxcala municipal

La Tesorería Municipal, Tlaxcala

 On 21 August 1914 the Presidente of the Ayuntamiento (Town Council) of Tlaxcala sent to the Prefecto Político a copy of the circular[text needed] the Council was going to issue about an issue of “vales al portador”. He asked the Prefecto Político to inform the Governor and Comandante Militar, so that, if he approved, they could go ahead. The Prefecto Político forwarded the message the same day, and the Governor agreed to an issue of 500 pesos, provided the Ayuntamiento guaranteed the issue and their acceptance was voluntary. On 26 August the Ayuntamiento began to issue notes of 5c[image needed], 10c and 20c[image needed] in exchange for banknotes.  The Presidente Municipal wrote the next day that $500 would not be enough, and asked to issue a further $500. The request was passed on by the Prefecto Político to the Secretario General de Gobierno, who agreed, provided that the Ayuntamiento guarantied the second issue.

On 4 September the Tesorero General acknowledged receipt of $450 as guarantee of the second(?) issue but it appears that only one issue (for a total of $450) was made. If two issues were made, two sums of $450 were handed over.

On 26 September the Presidente Municipal wrote to the Secretario General that since it had to reimburse the vales issued on 25 August it needed the $450 and asked the Governor to order the Treasury General to hand over the money to the Municipal Treasury.  The same day the Governor suggested that the public went directly to the Treasury General. On 28 September the Tesorero General wrote to the Secretario General that he understood that the Governor and Comandante Militar had agreed that the Treasury should encash the notes for the money that the Council had deposited. He wrote to the Presidente Municipal on the same day stating that the public could hand in their notes AHTlax, Fondo Histórico, Sección Revolución Régimen Obregonista, Serie Hacienda y Guerra, Caja 45, Exp. 13, Fs. 10.

Tlaxcala 20c reverse

It seems that another issue, dated 1 October 1914, was needed, as we know of a five centavos and a twenty centavos note of that date, but no further information is available.

In summary:

  date on note from to total
5c 25 August 1914 unnumbered      
5c 1 October 1914 unnumbered      
20c unnumbered      


Tlaxco, Distrito de Morelos

We know of three small notes, for 5, 20 and 50 centavos, that were for use only within the District and were to be of forced circulation. The only issued examples, one 5c and one 20c note, has the handstamp of the 'TESORERIA DEL I. AYUNTAMIENTO DE TLAXCO - DISTRITO DE MORELOS'.

Tlaxco 5c 1614

Tlaxco 5c 1614 reverse

  series from to total
5c A         includes number 1614
20c A         includes number 00606
50c A