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The crisis of 1943

In 1943, during the Second World War, Mexico was again faced with an acute shortage of fractional coinage, especially the 50c denomination. To relieve this situation the government authorised the banks and local Chambers of Commerce to issue cheques with the printed denominations of twenty-five and fifty centavos.


Cámara Nacional de Comercio de Hermosillo

We know of one issue, a 50 centavos note issued by the Cámara Nacional de Comercio and dated 17 November 1943.

Camara Durango 25c 3011

Camara Durango 25c 3011 reverse

Camara Durango 25c 13634

Camara Durango 25c 13634 reverse

Camara Durango 50c 10550

Camara Durango 50c 10550 reverse

  sig1 sig2 from to total
25c             includes number 3011
            includes number 13634
50c             includes number 10550


The signatures include those of [                                         ][identification needed], [                                         ][identification needed], [                                         ][identification needed], and [                                         ][identification needed],

  Camara Durango sig1
  Camara Durango sig2
  sig Comercial 1