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Counterfeit $5 Veracruz notes

Counterfeit Veracruz $5 notes – Type 1

This is listed in the notice of 25 September 1915.

  Cotton paper
  The symbols in opposite corners bearing the large ‘5’ show the profile line of the oval as much thicker and heavy.  In the symbol in the upper left hand corner the black point at the top of the ‘5’ has a white point while in the lower right hand corner the said black point is a great deal larger
  In “VERACRUZ, DICIEMBRE 1o. DE 1914” the type is very irregular and the “4” so poorly made it looks like “1”.
  The background of the landscape directly behind the eagle’s head is very marked and engraved with heavy or ruled lines.
  The ornament under the word “MEXICO” does not touch the border that encloses the title directly under the letter ‘C’.
  In the upper border,  at the side of the small ‘5’ in the upper right hand corner, there is a notable difference in the star that is next to this corner, as said star is separated or, rather, less hidden by the corner rosette
  In the top left hand corner it the ornament between the large ‘5’ and the word “GOBIERNO” is wider and separate from the oval of the ‘5’.
  The light green background is very weak, to conceal the difference between it and the background of the genuine note.
  On the reverse the green color is darker and the engraving is rougher and heavier
  On the reverse in the coin a great contrast is to be found in the lighter appearance of the eagle’ s wings and the cap. The rays and the lines of the shading are uneven and hard
  On the reverse the Secretaria de Hacienda seal is thicker and the center of the circle is larger and unevenly  dotted

Counterfeit Veracruz $5 notes – Type 2

Veracruz 5 B 873349

Veracruz 5 B 873349 reverse

These appeared in Nuevo Laredo, on 29 September 1915, put into circulation by swindlers in Laredo, TexasACoah, Fondo Siglo XX, 1915, caja 26, folleto 5, exp. 1.

  Tender green colour
  The numbering begins at 500000
  The numbers are thicker and more separated than on the genuine notes
  Nieto’s signature and flourish are broken, while on the genuine notes they are continuous
  The eagle, volcanoes and lake are crudely drawn and significantly different to the genuine notes
  On the reverse the green colour is entirely [  ], so clear that one can see the Secretaría de Hacienda seal in all its detail
  On the reverse the white ‘5’s in the corners, instead of the dark green shading, have a shading that is also green but overly light


By mid October a large quantity of these had appeared in Monterrey. A newspaper said they could be recognised by the following:

  Colour is a weaker green (verde más débil)
  The numbering begins at 500000
  The numbers are larger
  Zambrano’s signature is interrupted


repeating (and correcting) the earlier informationLa Prensa, 16 October 1915.

In its notification the Jefatura de Hacienda in Puebla said that in counterfeit $5 notes the red seal on the reverse was poorly printed with bad white lettering and the ‘waves’ that surround it.